and you searched WHAT?!

Sometimes I must laugh out loud about the searches that’s landing on my site, yesterday these two made me giggle:

  1. using lime to remove dead animal odor
  2. how do i get lime off my boots

I’m not quite sure they found what they were looking for…..

….but if my blog has a funny smell I’m counting on you to tell me!! 😉 😀

a little bit sick

MT is home sick today. Hope he feels better soon, we are planning to go to the farm tomorrow. I reckon he wants to go no matter how he feels, though 😉 And he’s not that sick, just a common cold, but he has slowed down, his nose is running and he’s sneezing and coughing, so he’s better off home today. Now he gets some rest so he’ll be ready for new adventures tomorrow.

Now we both have stayed to long on the computers. So I’m shutting off the machines for a while (I guess I will pop in now and then, can’t help my self. No wonder MT thinks computers are fun, I think so too. We are some geeks 😮 ). Mainly we need to focus on the house, some food, the mail and maybe take a trip to the store if we can get bothered by that. 😛

Btw, it’s snowing today. So more winter for us, no wonder I’ve started thinking about Christmas lately :)

Have a nice Friday, everyone!!!

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