said this week

  • I just had to google myself to find my home line; I don’t call that number much….. 😉 #
  • new photos at flickr brothers #
  • new photos at flickr birthday guy #
  • new photos at flickr mama #
  • new photos at flickr have you washed your ears #
  • we’re late; off to birthday party!! #
  • i’m so tired; good night!!! #
  • Slow start of our Saturday, just how I like it 😉 now we are both enjoying some computer time…. And I need some coffee! #
  • 5 more minutes and the download is finished. I’m sooo tired…. #
  • kid in bed, now I’m off to some scrapping 😀 #
  • Thanks for the prayers. They helped. Things went much better than I dared dream. I’m happy now and are going to watch a movie with my kid 😀 #
  • This day is a challenge. If you pray, please pray for me. #
  • dinner with my little boy; we’re having fish 😀 #
  • off to the office to print and post (regular mail). later! #
  • tired of this day already. good night! #
  • I got up to speed scrap, just to get my self into some good mood, but now I’m seriously tired. night (again…) !!! #
  • yep, still here, just stated working again and it’s a lot of emotions. both good and bad. doing some scrapping makes me feel good, though! #

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our Sunday

MT posterized

Last week MT got an invitation to came to church and receive a gift. So this Sunday he went to church with a smile on his face. As usual we came to church a bit late, and we found our place at the back. MT was surprised to see a lot of other children there and happy to hear the gospel kid from our neighboring village being there and singing as part of the service. The pastor told the story of Jesus for us using a photos that he put together like a puzzle. As he told and placed the pictures another picture was made in the middle. Off Christ stretching his arms out, inviting us to him. I loved it. What a great way to tell the whole story and keeping the children’s attention all the way through it! 😀

MT is a bit shy, and he told me that I had to come with him when he should receive his gift from the congregation. I told him that was okay, but that he also could go by him self if he chose to when we got to that part of the service. And so he did. My kid can’t sit still, so he had already wandered around in the church room anyway. And he had found that a few of his friends were there too.

He was so happy when he got his advent calendar, he completely forgot to say thank you, but hopefully his smile said it all. I stood in the back taking a few photos and I love how they captured some of the joyfulness of the children, even though it is long distance…..

the advent calendar the advent calendar the advent calendar

When we got back home, MT went to play on the computer. He love his Glubble 😉

I started to make the gift for my uncle that celebrated his birthday yesterday. It took me some time, but I had fun and the final result wasn’t too bad. 😮 Next time I hopefully have some more time to get all the details in place, but we were already late when we left the house so I had to wrap it up and go.

making my uncle

We had a great time with family, my mom and dad, my uncle and aunt and two of their children and the girlfriend of their youngest. It was nice to get to know her a bit as well and MT thought she was so funny and liked that she had time to talk to him.

birthday guy a closer look

My uncle is my fathers brother and they had some project they talked about at the end of the evening. I’m collecting a few photos to make a scrap book page about them – and I loved how this one turned out:


So that was our Sunday. A good day! Now it’s Monday and I have plenty on my plate; so see you later!! 😀

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