more christmas tree decorated

christmas tree

A few more photo from our decorating-the-christmas-tree-day on December 23rd. Just had to share, I might do a scrap later – but first some sleep, then some other chores – then we’ll see 😀 This year we got a tree from my dad’s forest; the tree he rejected for his own house, by the way. I love trees that have some flaws, it makes better stories!! (One of these days I have to scan in a photo of my most crappy tree ever – that was a seriously crocked tree; we still tell stories about it, every year!!)

MT decorating tree

christmas tree decor and light

christmas tree

That’s all for now 😉 Good night!!

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2 thoughts on “more christmas tree decorated

  1. aimee says:

    I really like the candle-lights you used on your Christmas tree. They seem more traditional then ones I see here. Do Norwegians use LED lights as are getting more popular over here lately?
    Brrr!! Your cold is truly cold. We’ve had record cold temperatures this year, but not that cold! Stay warm and hope they get your car working fine.
    Blessings to you & MT!

    Hope your grandmother had a great birthday! She looks very young!

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