365 – a project; Jan 17

created with wood and nail

I love Saturdays. A time to chill out and sleep in 😉

Today MT was invited to the birthday party of one of his friends from kindergarten. He had fun – and I enjoyed my time at home alone doing nothing more than update my project 365 and download some digi files 😉 It’s been snowing the last couple of days, but it is slippery ice underneath – and it’s been to cold for the snow to stuck to it – so it’s really slippery outside right now!!! Hopefully we won’t break anything.

Tonight we have watched telly, talked, written words and letters (mostly MT – mostly impossible to read do to it being letters of MT’s own invention) and he spent some time building new creations with his wood blocks, nails and hammer. I love that he finds this so funny and it’s not as easy as it looks so the practice does him good :)

365 – a project; Jan 16

a man that do outdoor things

Since I had youth club in the evening I was at home during the day. I did a couple of laundry washes (about time!!), throw out the Christmas tree, was online, worked on a scrap page and drank some coffee. My dad came to watch MT while I was away. It was a relaxed day but I still was super tired by the time I got home from the youth club at 00:15. I guess I’m not a youngster anymore 😉 lol

When MT got home from kindergarten he pronounced that he was going to be the kind of man that did the outdoors job – and then he took the broom and started working the snow 😀 He cracks me up! But I don’t mind him helping out a bit.

365 – a project; Jan 15

cupcake w stars

Since we invited guest to our house on January 14th we didn’t throw out our Christmas tree on the 13th as usual. Instead we said our good buy to it on Thursday night, the 15th – and ate freshly made cupcakes to celebrate 😉 I then de-dressed the tree and throw it outside on Friday 16th. The Christmas time lasted long in our house this year!

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