at the Lords table

Today under the Holy communion I really got a sense off being a part of a big family kneeling. There was the old trusty visitor that always comes, the sick and handicapped who needed some extra help receiving the gifts, the first timer and slightly unsure teenager, the been-her-lots-of-times-and-know-how-to-do-it 5 year old, me – the pastor – and several more. It spoke to me, and it felt great to share this together.

bible, wine and bread
The photo is from a Confirmant Camp; we don’t usually have this kind of bread.

The communion is so not a price table where anyone that’s been good can come and receive the reward. It’s a gift table with something for everyone that wants to know Jesus. No matter if we’ve been good or bad, are young or old, understand a lot or just a tiny bit or can use or legs or need a wheel chair – this is for all of us. We don’t get a whole lot of food as this table, but what we get is enough to give strength, love and forgiveness (- and more!).

When I think about all the churches coming together for services all around the world today – and about all the other people gathering together for Holy communion – I feel so blessed for being a part of this great big family of faith.

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5 thoughts on “at the Lords table

  1. valerie says:

    Wow much different from ours. We get these tiny little chicklet size crackers and tiny individual cups of juice.
    But the way I remember it is as a way to remember Jesus and what He did.

  2. aimee says:

    Beautiful photo of Holy Communion! I attended a Lutheran Church a long time ago where it was done in a way similar to this and the memory has always remained.
    No matter how it is done, in the different congregations, it’s always a wonderful time of reflection on what Jesus did for us and shared faith.
    You are right–it is good to be part of the family of believers. It’s a blessing, no matter where we live, to share that kinship because of Christ.
    Blessings, A

  3. anneberit says:

    Thanks ladies :D

    And, Val, I guess there is a few things done differently at your place – but we also use individual cups and tiny coin shaped crackers (to remind us of how Jesus paid the price for us all upon the cross) as bread.


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