got the bug

I guess I got the bug that was troubling my mom :( We now have stomach ache in the house, hopefully MT won’t catch it…. Think I’m going to bed early (I must be ill!!), just have to get the laundry up from the basement and hang it to dry. If I can manage. Blah.


MT winter

We spent the last part of our weekend with family at my parents farm. My mom was feeling a bit under the weather on Saturday, but the rest of us had some fun together. By Sunday morning my mom felt a lot better (looked better as well) and made us all some delicious Sunday dinner.

We spent a good part of the Sunday outside and I took some photos (off course). It was a bit cold, so I was afraid for my camera – but it seemed to go okay and it still works as normal.

perfect stop watch out, here I come..

winter brother my brother and his son by caravan

white trees and path winter trees, path and a brother

going up train SIL taking a perfect swing

I got over! red and white

I look forward to live here at the farm some day, but I really do wonder how I’m going to make a living of it. As it is now my dad barely breakes even and my he has worked as a full-time teacher as well as being a farmer. I’m not sure if I have the energy to do that (having a full-time job AND doing the farm work) – I only know that I need some money to pay for things…. Hm…

winter life on the farm

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