MT winter

We spent the last part of our weekend with family at my parents farm. My mom was feeling a bit under the weather on Saturday, but the rest of us had some fun together. By Sunday morning my mom felt a lot better (looked better as well) and made us all some delicious Sunday dinner.

We spent a good part of the Sunday outside and I took some photos (off course). It was a bit cold, so I was afraid for my camera – but it seemed to go okay and it still works as normal.

perfect stop watch out, here I come..

winter brother my brother and his son by caravan

white trees and path winter trees, path and a brother

going up train SIL taking a perfect swing

I got over! red and white

I look forward to live here at the farm some day, but I really do wonder how I’m going to make a living of it. As it is now my dad barely breakes even and my he has worked as a full-time teacher as well as being a farmer. I’m not sure if I have the energy to do that (having a full-time job AND doing the farm work) – I only know that I need some money to pay for things…. Hm…

winter life on the farm

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One thought on “weekend

  1. aimee says:

    Sorry about the late post…
    I’ve really enjoyed your posts but especially liked this one with the photos of your parent’s farm–SO beautiful. I loved the pictures of the stabburs, the skiing and THAT red (I love red!)is amazing! I feel that if God has a reason for you to be able to keep this farm HE will work it out…
    Loved the top photo of MT at the farm!SO cute:)
    Blessings, A

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