365 – A Project; Jan 27

my eyes

It’s always a rush in the morning when we are leaving early. This morning MT had to bring some food and drink as well, since they should go on a ski trip at kindergarten. But we made it, and I almost was on time for our staff meeting.

I took a self portrait in the evening, had to edit out those less than white teeth, though! 😉

365 – A Project; Jan 25

MT snowy portrait

This morning I got up early, as I always do when I have the service at church. I like to have this time to go over the sermon, get ready and drink my coffee 😉 After church we had some time outside in the winter and snow, MT loved it (and as long as I was outside too he didn’t call for me every 5 minute)…. LOL. Love this snowy portrait of him.

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