365 – A Project; Jan 31

the wood fire

MT loves to add wood to the wood fire. He is strictly forbidden to light any fire by himself, but I kind of like that he’s not afraid of the heat any more – and that he learns to be careful with it.

It’s the last day of January already. We spent most of the day at home and then went to visit my parents in the afternoon. We planned to sleep over – and my brother and family was there too. Nice to be with them! (Not so nice to catch sickness from my mom afterwards, but that’s another story!) It was such a great weekend!

One fun thing, though, at five minutes before nine (in the evening) MT asked: Mummy can I go out and snowboard a bit?! It took me some time to answer and even though my first reflex was NO, I ended up telling him YES, but off course – it’s weekend after all, but are you sure you want to go outside in the dark? Yes he was sure. And out he went and stayed outside for about 5 minutes…. LOL

365 – A Project; Jan 30


I spent the day at home reading up on Confirmant Class plans and books. It was nice to have a whole day to dig a bit deeper into things. I’m planning to do that regularly, at least twice a month.

It was a nice glorious day and nice to be outside during the day, I took time to walk down to my mail box and up again ;) – the photo are from that walk. After MT got home we spent it doing just what we wanted. Spending time on the computer (such geeks!), I had a few LO’s and Brag Books to make for the Pretty Scrappy blog train – and MT didn’t mind some playing time either. :)

365 – A Project; Jan 29


MT usually like to be served breakfast, but ever so often he can do it himself (as long as it doesn’t involve any cutting it’s ok by me) – and when he does I’m sure he takes a lot of sugar on his oat…

Anyway, this morning I tried to take a photo of him making it – but he moved to fast and I only got one decent shot of him carrying it into the living room. He’s allowed to watch cartoons in the morning. :)

In the evening his friend asked if he would want to go swimming with them – and off course he wanted! And I got a little extra time alone, nice that too – thanks L!

365 – A Project; Jan 28

I didn’t take any photos this day. I don’t remember it well. But I do know we went to the ski carousel and that MT had great fun there. We also met family through our new neighbor; that was nice and unexpected! MT and the mother of the friend of MT’s friend (LOL; keep up with me will ya!) is MT’s cousin four times removed (or how to put it in English… ehe!); it’s on my Dad’s Mother’s side of the family.;)

In stead of a photoless day I’m going with a photo from Jan 28th of 2008(!)

Winter Joy

Happy Mother’s Day

We are celebrating Mother’s Day in Norway this second Sunday of February.

mama Mom :)

I’ve been following Janet at The Daily Digi since she started the site on Jan 1st – and I always love to read what she writes – usually it’s scrap booking stuff. But today she made a post about the Invisible Mom. I highly recommend a visit to her not matter if you like scrap booking or not; no matter if you are a mom or mom to be, a grand mother or a young mother; this is a story to be happy about, maybe a little proud as well ;)



Now we are going out. It’s fantastic weather outside and we have both been to church (I worked as the pastor, MT was  a good kid and sat by himself) and eaten dinner. I promised MT to go skiing, it will be the first time for this season. Look forward to it and hopefully I can manage them (the slipperly long things under my feets) – I don’t do this so ofen (as I should) and have no balance what so ever, or that’s what it feels like! ;) I don’t think I dare to bring the camera, so you wont see photos of me falling…. LOL. Have a nice day!!

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