365 – A Project; Feb 8

bible puzzle book

I said yes to take a extra service in our neighboring church (even though it was on  one  of my Sundays off work) – one of my colleague was sick and I knew that I had planned this service before and that I could use the same approach here.So it wasn’t too hard to plan and do; nice with a little extra pay as well.

So we went to the church this very cold morning, MT should sit by himself so no babysitter for him that day. It was a really stunning and beautiful day, sunshine and blue sky. The team for the service was The Bible; Word of God so I brought quite a few bibles from home and showcased them on a table for all to see (I told the people to come forward after the service to look and feel all the different editions of the bible; I even had Greek new testament and Hebrew old testament – but the puzzle bible got most attention. I can see why it’s one of MT’s favorites as well. 😀

After church we went home and ate dinner and then we went out skiing. My first try this season and I’m not very good at this. My plan was to make a slope for MT (and his friends) on the field outside our house for them to go skiing in. But it was so much snow there and for every move I sank down to right under the knee, making it hard to move forward. Instead of a round slope we just made one slope across the field and walked back the same way. Later I might try again…… if I ever can get this ski-going working….. ehe.

This was also our Mother’s Day (in Norway we celebrate it on the second Sunday of February; guess it’s because we already have too many days to celebrate in May – with our national day on May 17th…) – anyway I told MT about it to see what he thought. He didn’t find the day necessary, and objected to the idea of mom having more than one (kind off) birthday. But non the less he sang to me – happy birthday 😉 (but off course…)

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