365 – A Project; Feb 16

dad in the snow

It was just fantastic having this day off and spending it at my parents home. Mom cooked dinner and we surfed along on the new broad band. MT was outside with Grandpa and later he came with me walking (MT) /skiing (me) a little in the woods. It was snowing (like it was all weekend long) so I couldn’t bring my camera outside for more than a short period, when I did I photographed MT while he was snowboarding. I kind of got so caught up in the-taking-photo bit, that I completely forgot to move when he headed for me. So we crashed. My knee and his head. Poor guy! I should have seen it coming; literary!

We went back home early evening.

365 – A Project; Feb 15

my parents are online

It’s been a really long time since we’ve had so many days free in a row. But this weekend we had Saturday, Sunday and Monday all to our selves. After spending Saturday relaxing and doing our things, we went to visit my parents on Sunday early afternoon. It was nice to spend some time with them at the farm, we slept over and spent Monday with them as well.

Sunday night I helped them install broad band and this photo is priceless. Look at mom’s face :D Hopefully they’ll have some fun surfing the net and learning how to stay connected through it!

365 – A Project; Feb 14


I tried to tell my kid about this day – Valentin’s Day – but he just answered that he didn’t like such HEART days and that I just could forgot hearing him telling me “I love you”. So it was not a big heart day in our house ;) There is always next year..

Instead we spent it doing our favorite things; MT watched cartoons and played games, I slept long and scrapped pages. It was a good day :D I made/finished this and this and this!

365 – A Project; Feb 13

my clogs

This was a really busy day, with meeting in the morning and youth club in the evening. Thankfully we had few coming to the youth club so it was a slow night, but really nice – for this time I got to talk with the youngsters – not only run around :D My dad came and watched MT, but MT didn’t like that at all. He wanted me to be at home, or at least go to a friends or something. Grandpa was boring, he said. Poor dad, he do all this nice things for MT and this is the thanks he gets!?!? Good thing he knows MT loves him, though.

This week was really to busy, no wonder MT was in a bad mood. And off course there also was the incident from last night, not solved by this Friday (but it was under a week after…)

As #43/365 I’ll give you my clogs. Saves my back even when I walk all day. Love these!

365 – A Project; Feb 12

self-portrait; feb 2009

This week there was something every evening. By Thursday I started to feel really tired with that. I want to have at least a couple of nights at home (and my laptop up and running, ahem..) – but there was a lot of nice things going on, though, but not always.

On Thursday we went swimming with our neighbor kid and his mom. We’ve been doing this a couple of times, and it’s so nice to see the kids have fun in the water. This afternoon another friend of MT also joined us. It didn’t go so well, even though we tried to interfere and make them play together, they just couldn’t make it happen. My kid and the other friend is so much alike when it comes to loving a physical challenge and they completely forgot to let our neighbor kid join them; playing all three of them. Even though they are mastering different things in the water, there has to be room for all of them, but when our neighbor kid asked to join the other two he got a NO answer back – and that is not at all a nice thing to say!! We’ve talked a lot about it later – and the kids have made up and are now friends again, but it was some rough days – and our poor kid next door was so sad for a while.

For my #42/365 I give you a self portrait :D

365 – A Project; Feb 11

MT blows out candle light

MT loves to light candles. We usually light at least one when we sit down to eat our dinner. Here he is blowing it out after we finished our meal.

A gorgeous, sunshiny day. I joined the other workers in the church in the greater area for a seminar day. It was nice to meet them again and catch up a bit with people I seldom see.

Then I went to the store (look at this post and you know why) – my pay check had not arrived, but I had a credit card I wanted to use – since I drove by the store and had time to stop and shop. It always feels nice to shop for groceries when it’s so empty in the house, I was planning dinner(s) and getting mild and rolled oats for MT (he can’t start the day without..) – and more. When I got to the check-out I had a pretty full shopping cart (not topped, though) ;) Just as I laid the first items on the band I sort of just said: “You take this credit card don’t you?!” – I was so sure the answer would be yes, off course.

I was wrong. She said: “No, we don’t. Sorry”. I just looked at her – and then down to my shopping cart. It was so embarrassing, but I had to tell her that, “since I have no money on the other card, I’m sorry, but then I can’t pay for this. Sorry, please put it away for me”. I couldn’t get out of the store fast enough. Thankfully she was kind and told me that it was no trouble doing that, and I got to head out of there.

Since the fridge was so empty I had no other choice than to head over to the shop on the other side of the road. This time I asked first. And yes, using that card was no problem for them. So I did. But it was no fun shopping by then so I only grabbed a few items. For weeks after this I’ve been sure I have that or that item at home, just to discover that it was in the shopping cart I had to leave. It never came home. I wonder if I ever dare to go to that store again.

I guess I do, it’s not so many stores to choose from.

Anyway, in the evening we went to ski carousel only to discover that it was canceled do to cold weather. But since we already was there MT went skiing for nearly an hour. It was cold, though, around 15 below zero.

365 – A Project; Feb 10

what my fridge holds

The last couple of day before my monthly pay check we live on thin air. No, that’s not true, but there is more space in theĀ  fridge….. lol

In the evening MT had to tag along with mummy to a meeting, but he wasn’t to unhappy (at least not in the end) – he got to sit in the kitchen and watch a movie on my laptop. And we all got delicious chocolate cake. Nice. It was seriously cold. At least 15 below zero. Brrrrrr.

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