365 – A Project; Feb 16

dad in the snow

It was just fantastic having this day off and spending it at my parents home. Mom cooked dinner and we surfed along on the new broad band. MT was outside with Grandpa and later he came with me walking (MT) /skiing (me) a little in the woods. It was snowing (like it was all weekend long) so I couldn’t bring my camera outside for more than a short period, when I did I photographed MT while he was snowboarding. I kind of got so caught up in the-taking-photo bit, that I completely forgot to move when he headed for me. So we crashed. My knee and his head. Poor guy! I should have seen it coming; literary!

We went back home early evening.

365 – A Project; Feb 15

my parents are online

It’s been a really long time since we’ve had so many days free in a row. But this weekend we had Saturday, Sunday and Monday all to our selves. After spending Saturday relaxing and doing our things, we went to visit my parents on Sunday early afternoon. It was nice to spend some time with them at the farm, we slept over and spent Monday with them as well.

Sunday night I helped them install broad band and this photo is priceless. Look at mom’s face 😀 Hopefully they’ll have some fun surfing the net and learning how to stay connected through it!

365 – A Project; Feb 14


I tried to tell my kid about this day – Valentin’s Day – but he just answered that he didn’t like such HEART days and that I just could forgot hearing him telling me “I love you”. So it was not a big heart day in our house 😉 There is always next year..

Instead we spent it doing our favorite things; MT watched cartoons and played games, I slept long and scrapped pages. It was a good day 😀 I made/finished this and this and this!

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