365 – A Project; Feb 11

MT blows out candle light

MT loves to light candles. We usually light at least one when we sit down to eat our dinner. Here he is blowing it out after we finished our meal.

A gorgeous, sunshiny day. I joined the other workers in the church in the greater area for a seminar day. It was nice to meet them again and catch up a bit with people I seldom see.

Then I went to the store (look at this post and you know why) – my pay check had not arrived, but I had a credit card I wanted to use – since I drove by the store and had time to stop and shop. It always feels nice to shop for groceries when it’s so empty in the house, I was planning dinner(s) and getting mild and rolled oats for MT (he can’t start the day without..) – and more. When I got to the check-out I had a pretty full shopping cart (not topped, though) 😉 Just as I laid the first items on the band I sort of just said: “You take this credit card don’t you?!” – I was so sure the answer would be yes, off course.

I was wrong. She said: “No, we don’t. Sorry”. I just looked at her – and then down to my shopping cart. It was so embarrassing, but I had to tell her that, “since I have no money on the other card, I’m sorry, but then I can’t pay for this. Sorry, please put it away for me”. I couldn’t get out of the store fast enough. Thankfully she was kind and told me that it was no trouble doing that, and I got to head out of there.

Since the fridge was so empty I had no other choice than to head over to the shop on the other side of the road. This time I asked first. And yes, using that card was no problem for them. So I did. But it was no fun shopping by then so I only grabbed a few items. For weeks after this I’ve been sure I have that or that item at home, just to discover that it was in the shopping cart I had to leave. It never came home. I wonder if I ever dare to go to that store again.

I guess I do, it’s not so many stores to choose from.

Anyway, in the evening we went to ski carousel only to discover that it was canceled do to cold weather. But since we already was there MT went skiing for nearly an hour. It was cold, though, around 15 below zero.

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