awake all night

my clogs

A few years ago I loved being awake at night. I didn’t mind at all. Now it’s different, I want to sleep now – or at least know that I can sleep longer in the morning when I’m a bit late in bed.

I planned to sleep longer today. But at 7 am MT jumped into my bed ready for the day to begin, he’s been doing this for a week or so, the sun and light wakes him up early now that spring is closing in on us. He wasn’t allowed to get up, IĀ  told him that our day did not start until 8 am. He wasn’t happy and I didn’t sleep much more –Ā  and then we had move on and leave for preschool and work.

Now I’m sitting here, so tired, thinking about how I’m going to survive the night staying awake with the youths. We’re having a night happening for the confirmants from our church and a few other churches in the area. I think we are going to be about 200 youths. Awake. All night. Oh, my, I just feel how tired I’m going to be….. But off course, it is going to be seriously fun as well and my parents are looking after MT so I can get some sleep when I’m back home tomorrow morning. I look forward to that šŸ˜‰

I’m bringing my trusty clogs with me, so I can walk (almost) all night…. Come to think of it, I bought them a year ago for this same kind of event. I call them friends – they saves my back!!

I guess I’m just getting old. Give me some sympathy will you??!! LOL.

waiting for spring

We got snow today. I thought the spring was here. I guess it is in the coming, though. We’ve had a lot of melting lately and our drive way is icy and slippery (now covered with a layer of snow = dangerous). So I walk carefully.

This so you know I’m alive. Now I must sleep, tomorrow starts with an early morning and those are not my favorites… I have big hopes that the day will be good, even with an early morning. Nice šŸ˜€

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