Easter Day 2009

Every Easter Day since MT got baptized we have been celebrating the day with family and friends. This year was no exception and we invited our closest family to join us.

MT in Ethiopian suit
Photo from the baptism Easter Day 2006.

But first I had a little work to do, an Easter service up in the mountain. In a small, cozy church. I didn’t bring my camera, so I have sadly no photos to show. The service didn’t start before 3 pm so we had plenty of time to enjoy the morning and early day.

Easter Egg

MT was happy to find some candy for him in the living room and thought it was a nice breakfast (ahem).

Later he made Cupcakes for the party, almost all by him self, and spent an hour on the computer playing. Grandma and Grandpa came early and Grandpa joined us going to church while Grandma stayed behind taking care of the house đŸ˜‰ Even thought there have been a lot of melting lately it was plenty of snow left up in the mountain, the last bit of the way we went skiing. MT enjoyed having Grandpa there and kept inviting him to a competition, “come on Grandpa, try to be faster than me!”


In the church we had a nice time celebrating the resurrection of Christ. So good to sing happy Easter songs after Lent and Good Friday’s blues.

yellow cupcakes

When we got home our guests were right behind us and while the kids played and the adults talked I put the final touches to the cakes and such. We had such a great time together. Glad they all stayed for a while. When MT finally got into bed he was so happy about the day – and so was I!

supper with family 2

This is my favorite way to spend Easter Day: candy, service, Jesus, family and being together.

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