Happy birthday MT + happy earth day


MT by the creek

I love you and I am seriously proud of you!! Keep smiling and loving to learn about the world!

~^~^~^~ ~^~^~^~ ~^~^~^~ ~^~^~^~ ~^~^~^~ ~^~^~^~ ~^~^~^~ ~^~^~^~ ~^~^~^~ ~^~^~^~ ~^~^~^~

Can you believe it?! My kid is 6 years old today! Come fall he’s starting school for real. He’s a big boy now. Don’t think for a minute he lets me forget that 😉

He was so happy this morning, jumping around, opening a few gifts with much joy and thankfulness. When we got to preschool/kindergarten the whole building smelled of waffles. They made it for him :) Later today he’s going to get a crown to wear and they are going to sing for him. I smile by the thought of how big his smile must be by then! He’ll also get fun tasks at the table and else during the day.

In the afternoon we are going to have a party at home with his friends. 5 boys and 3 or 4 girls. It’s going to be wild and chaotic, but also fun and memorable. I think I need to charge my camera 😮 My mom is coming over to help me a little (but mostly to keep me sane company).

Now I’m going to make me a cup of coffee and get started on the many tasks around the house. And I have to start making the gello or else it’ll be too liquid to eat (and we can’t have that!).

~^~^~^~ ~^~^~^~ ~^~^~^~ ~^~^~^~ ~^~^~^~ ~^~^~^~~^~^~^~ ~^~^~^~ ~^~^~^~ ~^~^~^~ ~^~^~^~

And HAPPY EARTH DAY to everyone!!

I’ll get back to that part of the day later…..

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One thought on “Happy birthday MT + happy earth day

  1. aimee says:

    Happy (slightly late) birthday MT!!! May you be blessed throughout your entire life and may you always be a blessing to others whose lives touch yours!!!

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