365 – A project; May 18 – May 24

Monday 18th:

eating ice cream

Spent most of the day at the farm with my parents, before we headed back home for the evening. MT wasn’t quite finished with eating ice cream on our national day, so he was happy to help Grandma empty her freezer (come to think of it – we all were..)

Tuesday 19th:

nice conversation

MT having a nice chat with Linda. We are going to miss her when she moves away soon – but we wish her luck in her new job and are so glad for the time she has spent here and for all her good work among the youths!!

Wednesday 20th:

misty view

Thursday 21th:

walking the fields with grandpa

MT went to our neighbor to jump on the trampoline for a while, I went after him a hour or so later and spent some time talking with his friends mom and taking a few photos. In the afternoon we went to the farm since my parents should babysit MT on Friday (kindergarten were closed), when we got there we saw my dad walking the field and we stopped the car and talked with him a little. MT decided that he wanted to follow his Grandpa back to the house (they should walk around the fields) and that was quite all right by me. I took the car up the drive way and talked to my mom for a while.

Friday 22nd:
photo from May 12th 2009
the apple eater

I stayed the night over and left early in the morning for a funeral in one of our churches. After work I went home to an empty house since MT should spend the weekend at my parents. It was my very first time since MT came into my life that I was alone at home without him when he wasn’t at the kindergarten or at a friends house or I was working or getting ready for work. Strange, but also nice.

Off course I forgot to take a photo(!) But I did some scrapping – and then I used an image from earlier in May that I altered inย  photoshop elements and I quite liked how it turned out all white washed (or what to call it). So that’s way the above photo is today’s photo ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here is the original; I really like that too ๐Ÿ˜‰

check out that..

Oh, yea, I missed having my son around this day :)

Saturday 23rd:

photobook may 2009 - m

Spent the most of the day being home preparing for service on Sunday, did a bit of blog reading and scrapping and took some time to relax and recharge. I got the photo book in the mail and spent some time looking in it and taking photos of the pages ๐Ÿ˜€

Sunday 24th:

pink tulip

Today we had the second youth service that we call Confirmation. The youths have been educated throughout the school year and this service sets the end of the the Confirmant year. This time there only were two youths, thankfully there also was a little boy that got baptized. We got to celebrate them all and we had a good time, singing, reading scripture, praying and more.

After I went back home and my parents came by with MT. It was mighty nice to see him again ๐Ÿ˜€

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