the tooth is in the glass [no more?]

MT lost his first tooth today.

He was so happy with a big grin on his face when he got home from kindergarten.

“Mamma. Mamma. See, my tooth is lose!” he shouted. “It came lose when I ate a bit of apple.”

He’s been waiting and wondering about this for weeks and months. He have friends losing their teeth – when will he?!

Today, my kid. Today it’s your day to lose a tooth.

He and Grandpa sat in the sofa talking about how the tooth could come out. They had some fun the guys talking about using a string and what not.

In the end, during dinner, the tooth more or less just fell out with MT saying: “The tooth came out. Where is a glass of water?!” (Right in front you, my dear, we usually drink water at the dinner table.) 😀

By now he’s happily sleeping; eager to see what the tooth fairy left him the minute he wakes up tomorrow. (And, no, it’s not me telling him about the fairy…..but I might as well help her. Grandma chipped in as well, since they were here when the tooth came out…).

On another note.
My vacation is over. Tomorrow is work and time in the office. Lots to prepare and get ready for; the next 3 weeks I’m the only pastor there… the next 4 Sundays I’m in charge of the service and the next 2 Saturday I have weddings. Hopefully there won’t be more than 5 funerals(!)

Better get me some sleep then! Night :)

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