This is just how I feel today!

The weekend was busy, nice, tiering, emotional, sad, good, memorable and giving. I spent most of it with 24 fantastic young people. They started the yearlong journey as a Confirmant in our church. It was so nice getting to know them a little, but also sad because this was the only thing I would do together with them. This week I only have two days left at work and then I’m finished with my work here as a youth pastor. In a month or so I start as pastor (of the regular kind) someplace else. It’s sad to be leaving the young people here behind, but I also have so much to look forward to in my new job (and I’m not going to stop working with and for the youths in church; thankfully!).

I took a few photos and as soon as I have them uploaded to flickr I’ll show you a few. Untill then some lunch and more coffee for me!! Have a wonderful Monday!


getting into the routine

We’re starting to get into our morning routine on school days.

MT is up by 7 am and turn on the cartoons while he’s eating. I get up as soon as I can after that and makes him food (if he hasn’t done it himself already) and then packs his ruck sack with whatever he needs that day (today he got to bring his knife for wood work, he was super happy! I guess they are keeping the bandage handy ;) ). Then I finished up in the bathroom and at 8 am MT rush in to get his clothes on and then run out to the car (I suspect he forgot to wash his face this morning – can’t understand why that has to be pointed out every time??!!? :p ).

Yesterday he did find it hard to start school again after only one day there and then a day off; but he managed to pull himself together when it started (I’m told) and that I’m happy about. On Monday I was with him in the class room for a few hours, yesterday I followed him inside, today I stayed with him in the school yard – but tomorrow I’m just making sure he gets into the school yard and then I’m going back to the car to stay there until the school bell is ringing to watch him going in.

I’m trying to ease him into independence the soft way ;) (that usually works best for him!)

Later in September I plan to let him go the last part of his school way; the safest part. But I’m not letting him go alone the whole way to school this year; too much traffic around here! (And I don’t think it’s any better at the new place we’re moving to later this fall.)

Anyhow, my breakfast is ready (and so is my coffee :D ). I’m taking most of the day off and won’t go to the office today. Only have to prepare a few things for the mini-weekend with the new Confirmants and make sure I have control over the progress for my sermon on Sunday.

See you around!! I’m going blog hopping through my google reader (finally getting it loaded up with lots of blogging goodies!).

first day of school – in images

waiting line..

8:15 am

I have an early morning tomorrow so will just leave you with the photos right now. I’m glad MT did find school fun and engaging, can’t wait to hear what  he have to tell when he’s back home from school tomorrow – his second day of school  (they have Tuesday off since they are at school full day even in 1. grade, since we live in rural area this is better than to organize buses to drive to and from school more than once a day….). Click the images for a little bit more about them.

ready for school

8 am

drawing assignment

10:18 am

drawing himself

10:19 am

MT - skulegutt

2 pm

..and then we went to the store to buy him a knife that he’s alowed to bring on Thursdays when they have school outside in the woods. I love that he gets to learn such skills – and have band age ready…. I guess there will be more about this later. Night!

first day of school

I’m not sure who was more excited, me or him, but right now he’s at school having his first day in 1. grade. I got to go after meal, he has an older pupil looking after him and do know the place well so he was ready to face it alone for a couple of hours. I’m so proud of him and so happy for all that he will learn and all the questions he will figure out. Right now I’m drinking my first coffee of the day (oh, yea, early morning start) and is browsing a few blogs and other favorite places online. I have photos to unload from my camera, but I’ll get to that later.

Have a beautiful Monday!

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