This is just how I feel today!

The weekend was busy, nice, tiering, emotional, sad, good, memorable and giving. I spent most of it with 24 fantastic young people. They started the yearlong journey as a Confirmant in our church. It was so nice getting to know them a little, but also sad because this was the only thing I would do together with them. This week I only have two days left at work and then I’m finished with my work here as a youth pastor. In a month or so I start as pastor (of the regular kind) someplace else. It’s sad to be leaving the young people here behind, but I also have so much to look forward to in my new job (and I’m not going to stop working with and for the youths in church; thankfully!).

I took a few photos and as soon as I have them uploaded to flickr I’ll show you a few. Untill then some lunch and more coffee for me!! Have a wonderful Monday!


wood work MT

working wood

He’s working his way to be like Emil (from the great story by Astrid Lindgren) and make some out of the wood stick – only not being locked up in the shack 😉 He has a long way to go, though, but I like how passionate he is about it!

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