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This morning started with a SMS that told me a 17 year old had died. It is so sad. And the youths, the close friends and the not so close friends, have been gathered trying to face this by being together. I’ve joined them, as well, for a few hours, and we are meeting up again tomorrow.

It’s not easy grasping death when you are 17 and full of future and possibilities. It’s not easy grasping when you are 38 either, but by then you know a bit more about life and have a few more life lessons learned.

I’m so glad lots of helping hands are involved, though, and for not standing in this alone (and neither are the family or the youths) – I guess I’ll be talking with the family as well tomorrow, starting to prepare for the funeral next week.

If you pray, please pray for us all. This is going to be a hard week for many in our neighborhood and especially hard for the close family and friends.

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