Dyrsku’n – a fair

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We went to a fair on Saturday.  It’s called Dyrsku’n (dyr = animal) from the beginning when farm animals (horses, cows etc.) where more important then carousels and cutlery.

The fair is local to us and one of the biggest fairs in Norway. We were one of ca. 30000 visitors that day – about 70000 visitor in total for the weekend – and that is in a village of ca. 2500 people. I can remember going to the fair every single year when I was kid; a great September tradition in our family.

funatfair3 (1 of 1)MT went there for his first time last year. Now he was eager to get past the gate another time. There is a lot to see, a lot to buy and a lot of people. This time we even took time to watch the horse show. :)

MT was most interested in the amusement park part of the fair, though – and he went through his tickets like fire (he only had 6 and then his cousin got two so no wonder it went fast). But he got to do what he wanted to (at least almost, because he was too small (thankfully) for a few of the larger carousels and one cost more money than I was willing to pay).

driving a bumper car

Here he’s driving electric car and below he is in the Ferris Wheel, both with his cousin. He also got to walk through the fun house and jump on a trampoline (his all time favorite last year – this year I think it was the ferry wheel that topped the list).

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