remember to vote

Today is Election Day in Norway. I keep reminding my self not to forget to go and vote. I think I have all this time before they close up, and then I tend to get busy doing other things. So I have to keep reminding my self about it, because I really would like my vote to count. I should go right now, come to think about it, but I won’t I have a few things to do before I’m ready to leave the house today. See what I mean? It’s like when I go to the store to buy toilet paper and then arrives back home with milk, bread, cheese and a few other things – but no toilet paper. That is so frustrating. And a typical thing I can’t seem to change; I even do it when I’ve made shopping list.

Note to self on Monday September 14th 2009:

Remember to vote and buy toilet paper!!

Anyhow, I’ve had some fun with photo in Lightroom2 this morning (so that’s what I do when I forget other important stuff!) – can you pick a favorite??!

pink flower collab.
You can find the individual photo here:
1. pink flower orginal, 2. pink flower soft, 3. pink flower vibrant (light), 4. pink flower light

Better go and do a few things on my TO-DO list. It’s long today… First hang up the laundry, the weather is sunny and windy – so nice time to dry the clothe on my porch; I love the smell they get after some time outside. A weather fact: it was 3 degrees (C) this morning at 8:00, now it’s 12:41 and 15 degrees. The fall is SOOOOO here!

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