10 things right now

1. I made pesto and pasta for lunch today. Reminds me that I HAVE to grow basil at home next summer.

basil #1

2. I can’t believe we’re only 1 day from moving. Iiiiik + Yippi πŸ˜‰

moving boxes

3. I’ve ordered a super fast broad band for our new place. Can’t wait for it to be installed (2-3 weeks).


4. I’m on the search for a new stove (electric), the one I have is really old and used by my grandma before I got it from her 15 years ago or something. I’m torn about it, because it means spending more money (that I don’t have), but excited to get to cook on my very own new stove for the first time in my life! Recommendations is appreciated.


[This photo is old, from my previous house in Sogn – I was making food for my sons baptism and made a real mess of it πŸ˜‰ But it was the only one I could find with the stove in it…. Hehe]

5. Today I can’t spell. So glad I have extensions that help me fix most of them….

6. My kid has his last day at this school, he was super excited about the cakes they where going to eat. I wonder if he understands that this is good bye?!? I know he’s looking forward to start the new school, so it’ll probably be alright.

waiting line..

7. Being without job for a month has been SO GOOD. I’ve done a lot of thinking and regrouping, I’ve joined a few new things online (classes and more) and have gotten some time just for me and the things I love to do (blog, take photo, type words, read blogs and more).

biker boy

8. MY CAR IS FINISHED. It really made my day yesterday when I got the news. The car has been in the garage for almost 2 months, and even though I’ve driven my old car (that I gave to daddy – and now he’s been without..) – it shall be soooo good to get to drive the red car again!! A new engine has been installed (!) so now I hope everything will run smoothly. And hopefully there will be no more car issues in the next couple of years (or more..).

the new car

9. My friend Bea is coming to visit me in a couple of weeks. Sweet. Maybe I’ll get her to cut my hair?! It’s that time again for sure… Looking forward to nice talks and lots of smiles – and images of her new baby girl grandchild. Yay!!

Bea and MT

10. I LOVE the beautiful frosty mornings. Even better when I get winter tires and a ticker coat. :)

frostig nype

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One thought on “10 things right now

  1. valerie says:

    you move so much, how do you do it?

    Also, how have you survived without a job? Good savings?

    And finally, if we move to Norway, can we live with you? :)

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