Some Late Sunday Thoughts

DSC_0346When I prepared for the sermon(s) for today I was stuck in a rut for a long time. I just could not figure out how to tackle the text in a down to earth and simple sermon. But finally I got help from above (glad God always comes through when I need it; he just lets me think good and long; getting some use of the brain he have designed for me……lol). Anyhow, I ended up in the baptist church I visited in New York all those years ago (May, 2003) – a few words from the sermon hold by a energetic female pastor really stuck with me (- and I know; I’ve told you before, here and here but here it goes again..since it’s still good and useful).


When everything are being just too much, whether it’s the faith or the life in general getting too hard to handle; give room for God and amazing things might happen <3 And also remember that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ (Phil. 1:6) – maybe we won’t catch all the balls we joggle in our life; everything probably won’t be all finished and made complete before the day we’ll meet our Lord. But while we’re down here we have our God by our side – helping us; giving peace when things gets a bit overwhelming; telling us how much he loves us when we need that extra loving to pull through – and more. So:


It’s been a day filled with church, psalms, sermons and being together as a congregation. I’ve had services in two churches and met a lot of people (some new to me, a good bunch of them family and people I knew off back when I visited Grandma in her yellow house – a long time ago!) – it’s been nice and I love to get to know more about the churches around here and the people as well.

Tonight I’ve enjoyed a few more videos of card making over at K. Werner’s blog (love them) and now I’m listening to Christmas music and getting in the holiday mood. Got to love that 😉 Can’t wait to hang my stars in the windows at the first Sunday of Advent; think I might need a few new stars as well; this house comes with a lot of windows 😀 Soon I’ll be heading to bed, though, it’s after midnight here at our place (again)..

Blessed Week to you.

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