365 photos project – week 1/52

O.k. I admit it. I’ve been trying out a few different approaches on the 365-project side of things, and I haven’t been absolutely perfect in any of them. But I’ve still had some fun and learned a whole lot about me, photographing and blogging. So I’m not afraid to try it ONE MORE time 😉 This time I’m using my handy with-me-to-almost-all-places-camera; my cell phone. It doesn’t take super good photos,  but this is about preserving memories from each day and not about capturing images for wall hanging…. or so I tell myself 😉 I’m using the ShakeIt app for iPhone to turn my photos into Polaroid (mostly because it’s fun to shake the phone and for the most amazing sound it makes… hehe). To make the photos more alike (kind off), I’m planning to use this approach for the next year. I might change my mind later, but I can live with that. I’m kind of used to being me by now and I love to change it all up from time to time. So I’m not making any promises… Anyhow, here is the first week of the project with photos and a few words:

Thinking MT

~~~ 1/365 ~~~

It was MT’s own idea to stand like this. I love the colors and the feel of it. I took a few photos this day, but this is my Favorite with a big F. I had fun exploring our home and garden with the new apps for iPhone, trying out a few different versions – but settling on ShakeIt app for the 365-project. We had some warm comfy sunny weather this day. (April 27th-2010)


Rain Drops

~~~ 2/365 ~~~

This was a cold and wet day, so different from yesterday! On the way back home I captured the rain on my windshield. (April 28th-2010)


Red Boat

~~~ 3/365 ~~~

Another warm and beautiful day. Crazy how the weather changes from a day to another. I went to a meeting with the other pastors in our area. On my way back home I just had to stop by this mountain lake and snap a few images. Wish I had my big camera with me, though, this could make for a good big photo on the wall…. When I returned I met two Confirmant groups in two different churches and had rehearsals for the coming Confirmation services. It still amazes me how different the youths reacts to church and faith. I’m both intrigued and worried about it, but mostly it makes me want to learn more about what they believe in and share my belief with them even more. (April 29th-2010)


Big Grin 3

~~~ 4/365 ~~~

I love this guy. And his BIG smile. I love him when he’s not smiling too. (April 30th-2010)


Driving Tractor with a Big Smile

~~~ 5/365 ~~~

He was so proud. And loved sitting with Grandpa in the tractor. Looking forward to see him learn what farming is all about, watching Grandpa work is a good beginning as well is getting into the action… MT was at the farm from Saturday to Sunday so I could fully concentrate on the big Confirmation services ahead. (May 1st-2010)


Flag 1

~~~ 6/365 ~~~

Yay. I got the flag up. All by my self. A little proud of that. A beautiful day, both people-wise and weather-wise. In the evening we visited some friends of my parents for coffee. Nice that as well 😀 (May 2nd-2010)


View from a Tractor

~~~ 7/365 ~~~

I’m so glad I finally got to help my dad at the farm, if only a little. Driving the tractor up and down harrowing the field. I wish I could help him more. MT found courage in himself to go down and get to know one of my parents neighboring kids – and had a lots of fun playing soccer and jumping on their trampoline. A good day :) (May 3rd-2010)


SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! Or follow me on Flickr more or less everyday.

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