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I’m enjoying a day at home after a busy couple of weeks. MT finished football (soccer) school yesterday so we are both here. I look forward to NOT leave or place today and to NOT drive 40 K’s or more for work. Today I’m only here preparing a funeral tomorrow, thinking about the sermon for Sunday and getting the house ready for some company. Yay! We’re getting visitors tonight! We only see each other once a year, but they are GOOD friends and can tackle my less than clean house. But I will try to clean it up a little before they arrive. Just have to do a few other things first (like working out a few thoughts for tomorrow and Sunday).

LOL. This is a lot of rambling. Just wanted to chime in and say hello ūüėÄ

Wishing you all a GOOD THURSDAY!

And btw Sweet Tomato Design is having a new kit in her store. A girly kit called Finley – she’s also having a huge sale. ¬†:)

Hoping to have a page done with it by tonight…. or Saturday. Ahem.

365 Photo Project – week 7/52

O.k. I¬†admit¬†it. I’ve been trying out a few different approaches on the 365-project side of things, and I haven’t been¬†absolutely¬†perfect in any of them. But I’ve still had some fun and learned a whole lot about me, photographing and blogging. So I’m not afraid to try it ONE MORE time ūüėČ This time I’m using my handy with-me-to-almost-all-places-camera; my cell phone. It doesn’t take super good photos, ¬†but this is about preserving memories from each day and not about capturing images for wall hanging…. or so I tell myself ūüėČ I’m using the ShakeIt app for iPhone to turn my photos into¬†Polaroid¬†(mostly because it’s fun to shake the phone and for the most amazing sound it makes… hehe). To make the photos more alike (kind off), I’m planning to use this approach for the next year. I might change my mind later, but I can live with that. I’m kind of used to being me by now and I love to change it all up from time to time. So I’m not making any promises…

Her is the seventh week of the project – in photos and a few words:

the clothes line on a rainy day

~~~ 43/365 ~~~

The clothes hung outside for days while I was waiting for sunny weather. It never came, so eventually I took them in….¬†(June 8th-2010)



~~~ 44/365 ~~~

I always need some Sudoku at bedtime. I love to figure out the difficult ones, but sometimes I just have to sleep on it a couple of nights before I solve them… (June 9th-2010)


the green and red and blue

~~~ 45/365 ~~~

I stopped by my parents on the way home. A beautiful day, and my mom cooked me dinner. Nice! (June 10th-2010)


Counting Game

~~~ 46/365 ~~~

In the afternoon MT found his old game and we played a couple of rounds. . (June 11th-2010)


Blue Bell

~~~ 47/365 ~~~

Love to have a few flowers around me. (June 12th-2010)


over the table

~~~ 48/365 ~~~

Having some fun with MT. Playing a sort of catching – throwing game over the table. Great to have the Sunday off and just be together the two of us having plenty of time to do whatever we want. (June 13th-2010)


evening view

~~~ 49/365 ~~~

It’s been a lot of not so good weather the last week. Rain, rain and gray. It’s been plenty of this to think about and to prepare too, so this time I took my photo in the evening. (June 14th-2010)


SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! Or follow me on Flickr more or less everyday.


So I might have been a bit sleepy this morning. Or maybe it was just wishful thinking?! Anyhow I managed to put out my week 6 post (of the iPhone Photo Project) – with photos and word from week 5(!) That’s the danger of being lacy and just copying the stuff from the week before; editing the photos and word as I go down the list of days….

But it’s fixed now. New photos. New words. All originals of week 6/52.

Come take a look (while I take a break and clear my head)! LOL.

looking for me?!

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