365 Photo Project – week 6/52

O.k. I admit it. I’ve been trying out a few different approaches on the 365-project side of things, and I haven’t been absolutely perfect in any of them. But I’ve still had some fun and learned a whole lot about me, photographing and blogging. So I’m not afraid to try it ONE MORE time ;) This time I’m using my handy with-me-to-almost-all-places-camera; my cell phone. It doesn’t take super good photos,  but this is about preserving memories from each day and not about capturing images for wall hanging…. or so I tell myself ;) I’m using the ShakeIt app for iPhone to turn my photos into Polaroid (mostly because it’s fun to shake the phone and for the most amazing sound it makes… hehe). To make the photos more alike (kind off), I’m planning to use this approach for the next year. I might change my mind later, but I can live with that. I’m kind of used to being me by now and I love to change it all up from time to time. So I’m not making any promises…

Playing a bit catch-up here, but her is the sixth week of the project – with photos and a few words:


~~~ 36/365 ~~~

On our way back from the football (soccer) matches this week. We drove by this farm with lots of Lamas. I think they are the coolest animal, and I’m so glad to finally just stop and take a little photo. (June 1th-2010)



~~~ 37/365 ~~~

I wish I was out there on the tiny lake in the canoe. It’s so much fun, and it’s been far too long since last time!! (June 2nd-2010)



~~~ 38/365 ~~~

I brush by this bushes everyday on my way to and from the office. The smell makes me stop and smell it once more. Love it. And the blue sky makes me happy too. Bright shiny early summer day. (June 3rd-2010)


Cool Skies

~~~ 39/365 ~~~

Today I learned something new that makes me really happy!
MT went to visit some friends from school. When I went to get him home I was invited on cake. So nice. We stayed into the late evening, enjoying the company. Nice to get to know new friends. When we finally were able to pack our selfs out of there we saw this fantastics clouds in the sky. Loving how the sun gives it gloving stripes. (June 4th-2010)


Bare Feet

~~~ 40/365 ~~~

For a while there I got to be bare feet in the grass. Loving the summer feeling. Have really been enjoying the warm summer weather as of lately.

Had my first wedding in the stave church. (June 5th-2010)



~~~ 41/365 ~~~

Me in the mirror. That’s a thing I like to do from time to time.

I had two services this day. One in the stave church – and then one in the afternoon at our local church. It pretty much took all day, but I got time to play a little with MT and ate some delicious dinner ;) (June 6th-2010)



~~~ 42/365 ~~~

In the early afternoon MT ran over to our neighboors to see if anyone wanted to jump in the trampoline with him. He soon came back and told me that he had no time for jumping, he had to watch a show at our school with E. Mogeno. I had completely forgotten all about it, and even though I mostly felt like staying home the rest of the evening, I knew he’d love the show. So we did. And he loved it. Mores surprisingly; so did I. (June 7th-2010)


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