a couple of thoughts

I’m enjoying a day at home after a busy couple of weeks. MT finished football (soccer) school yesterday so we are both here. I look forward to NOT leave or place today and to NOT drive 40 K’s or more for work. Today I’m only here preparing a funeral tomorrow, thinking about the sermon for Sunday and getting the house ready for some company. Yay! We’re getting visitors tonight! We only see each other once a year, but they are GOOD friends and can tackle my less than clean house. But I will try to clean it up a little before they arrive. Just have to do a few other things first (like working out a few thoughts for tomorrow and Sunday).

LOL. This is a lot of rambling. Just wanted to chime in and say hello 😀

Wishing you all a GOOD THURSDAY!

And btw Sweet Tomato Design is having a new kit in her store. A girly kit called Finley – she’s also having a huge sale.  :)

Hoping to have a page done with it by tonight…. or Saturday. Ahem.

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3 thoughts on “a couple of thoughts

  1. Helen says:

    Hello my friend. Enjoy your day and your visitors tonight. Don`t do too much or else it will not be like your day off. Drop by us to get your mail some day, and I found two more jackets (size 10 I think) if you want them. See you :)

  2. anneberit says:

    Hi there! Can always use some more jackets, that’s great! And I’ll swing by for the mail one of these days!

    And, I do have to do a little bit of planning and work today, since it’s not my day off – as in I have free today – but I’m doing it all from home and that feels so good since the last weeks have been so busy and all over the place… 😉

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