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Searched around some old photos and found this gem from 10. Sept 2006. So cute!

I had such good plans about blogging regularly this time. Even when I went back to work after the vacation. But it’s really hard sometimes to find time, especially when I also want to do some scrapbooking πŸ˜‰ So this past week / weekend I’ve been scrapping my heart out – and it’s been great! But on this last night of August 2010 I just wanted to make a little post. Just to say hay, just to tell I’m still here living my life both online and inline..

We are getting back into the everyday life, both kiddo and I. Starting to get used to the early mornings and the scheduling to make sure we manage to do it all… So far it’s been good, even though it’s been a challenge to remember everything some days.

I think I’m ready for September now. It’s fall around here anyway. The nights are starting to get darker and the weather is getting colder. I’m not sure I like it. But I will embrace it and enjoy the colors.

Tomorrow I’ll bring my camera along in the car. I might run into something beautiful that needs my attention and snapping.

I don’t think I’ve mention this before, but MT have started reading books. Not only cartoons, but real books. Books written for children, off course, but anyway books. Last week I was a bit late coming up to sing for him at bedtime, so he found a book I bought him this summer and started reading in it (I’ve been trying all summer to get him interested, lol..). When I finally got up he asked if he please could read a little bit more after I said good night. It’s so exciting, he told me. I was excited too, I spent my childhood borrowed in books and I love reading! So I told him, yes, you might read two more pages – and then you have to sleep. Yay! I’m so proud of him and LOVE the way they are teaching the love of reading at school!

O.k. so this has been a totally random post, so I might as well add a photo from a previous august day (26th 2005). Originally I had someΒ  plan of a “5 years ago post”, but I never got around to it. It’s the same this year anyway; time to harvest at the farm – if only the rain could stop! The oats are beautiful at close op πŸ˜€

5 years ago

See you around!

Scrapzilla is coming!


I’ll hope you join in for this fun contest starting September 1st. Lots of fantastic prices and tons of fun to be had together with fellow zilla scrappers (just look around for some crazy avatars in the forum).

Read more about it in the forum at Polka Dot Plum . Or leave a comment here at the limeblog.


Update: more details at Polka Dot Plum blog.

365 Photo Project – week 12/52

Another installment of the iPhone photo project. Week 12/52 is now accounted for.

week 12/52
I’m changing things up a little, but you can still jump over to Flickr to see the photos larger if you want.

1. New Place Outside, 2. Daisy; Prestekrage, 4. River and sky, 5. Stripes and Sweets, 6. The Red Rule,
7. Take me to Botswana, 9. Sunshine on River

Credits: Papers from You are here by Paislee Press and Queen of Quirk

77/365 – July 12th 2010

Finally they finished laying the new decking outside. It looks good now, not as messy as it did before. I wonder what I’m going to put there….. πŸ˜‰

78/365 – July 13th 2010

One of many wild flowers in my garden. I love these.

79/365 – July 14th 2010

I love living by the river. I love living by any kind of water, to be honest.

80/365 – July 15th 2010

I went by my parents this evening. My mom made me dinner and then we moved out in the tent (of sorts) and had coffee and sweets. It’s been a while since it’s been only me, my mom and my dad together for an whole evening. Strange but nice. Missing MT a whole bunch.

81/365 – July 16th 2010

The Red Rule demanded this picture taken. In this case you might even call it the Blue Rule as the door was just as important as my friends coat, but anyhow. I spent a nice evening in this house, chatting, eating, laughing and even got a late evening walk in the rain.

82/365 – July 17th 2010

I’ve read these books several years ago. Now I’ve started up again and added two books to the collection as well. This is #4 of 9, so I have great reading for the whole summer :)

83/365 – July 18th 2010

On my way home in the early evening – after having had three services in three different churches – the sun shone so beautifully at the river. I had to capture it.

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