Garden party BBQ

the crowd

So we had a little garden party last Sunday, with my brother + family and my mom and dad. It was so nice to fire the BBQ grill again and be together on one of the few nice, warm and sunny days of August (so far). And MT was so happy, after being a bit sad over missing out on our last gathering in the garden (my birthday, also see below).

the ever present ketchup the aunt
the food the cook

The nice thing about Sunday was that it took little to no planning. We just brought with us whatever we had on hand. I didn’t even have time to clean the house before this or set the table outside, we just didn’t care about the mess. It was more important for us to enjoy the afternoon and evening together. And to be honest they are family and know about my quirks and messes anyway. 😉

My brother was nice enough to be the grill chef and barbecue the food for us. Thanks again :) We enjoyed being together, the food and the weather.

And we had some fun too.

the fun

Both kids and grown ups.

the grandma

Later we spent some time talking about this and that, so great to be together and catch up on life. And the I got some help from all the guys to move a closet into my bed room too. Yay, it was a really good day. Now I have room for more clothes upstairs. Note to self: The closet needs some washing… and you need to fill it with clothes too.

Anyhow, here is a scrapbook layout I made from the last barbecue in the garden, the birthday one (the one MT missed and felt a little left out of when he realized that his cousins where there and he was on vacation in western Norway).

birthday BBQ

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