A Saturday @ The Farm

Last Saturday (April 16th) my kid and I + my brother and his family visited The Farm.

Cousins @ the farm

My mom cooked us dinner (lovely fish dinner) and we spent the most of the afternoon outside in the beautiful spring weather. MT and his two cousins had fun (most of the time) running around, playing ball and discover nature. They also helped me cut a few branches for our Easter service on Palm Sunday.

@ the farm

a branch of pine

Spring Green

Wood anemone

Wood anemone

My brother helped me with some light issues on my car and my SIL helped me make a wreath of thorns for our Easter service on Palm Sunday. In the evening there were coffee and cakes.

building a wreath

Crown of Torn

It was a really nice and relaxing day and I’m so glad we got to spend some hours together.

Fence Line

Fence Line

Fence Line
(all photos link to my Flickr account where each photo has a little bit of description to it if you want to read.)

Thank you for looking! Have a great Monday :)

We’re going swimming at a pool and MT is over the top excited (it’s part of his birthday gift from me). Glad to spend some more time with him before work and school starts up again tomorrow.

Happy Easter Day

Happy Easter

My Grandpa always told me that it wasn’t really a happy easter until Easter Day. I’m not so sure if I agree, because every day – throughout the year – is a Happy Easter because of what Jesus did almost two thousand years ago. But I still tend to think about my Grandpa when it comes to this, so today I’m going to say – with my broadest smile and warmest voice:

I wish you all a Blessed and Happy Easter Day!

HE IS RISEN! He is here.

Thoughts about a photo

thoughts about a photo
credits: alpha, papers and elements from Front Page by Sweet Tomato Designs

I’m not entirely sure why, but this photo speaks volumes to me. Maybe it’s the memory of so many times I’ve been with MT down by the lake or the fjord, watching him throw rocks out in the water? Maybe it’s the independent way he moves around, happy to have me there but don’t need my help or guides any more? Maybe it’s because finally, after many hours doing youth work in church, I got a chance to sit down eat a pizza with my favorite boy and enjoy the outdoors on this fantastic warm spring day? Or maybe it’s all of the above. Mixed together somehow.

For I know it’s not the purse, that is an okay enough thing and I like it. But not enough to make this about it. I think it’s all about the boy down by the lake – I can’t tell how much I love him. This afternoon it’s finally all about him and me, right now nothing else competes for my attention. (written 10. April 2011)

Sometimes I feel that a photo need a scrapbook page of it’s very own, even when it was part of an event that I already have scrapbooked. I know there are different approaches to this, but I love to use my favorite photos several times – documenting more than one aspects of the story. I could off course make a double page spread, including both the event itself and the feelings or/and my thoughts about it, but I like the pages to not look the same so each of them can stand alone. (I will show you the other page I made later;  since I’m on the team @ the daily digi I get to play with the digi files one month early and I used them for the second page. Check out The Digi Game here).

Do you approach this like me, or do you have another method?

Happy Scrappy Saturday!

See more photos from the day here: Youth Work Weekend.

Love | Good Friday

Good Friday

Good Friday is a sad and dark day, in many ways. Jesus was sentenced to death. He suffered and he died. In Norway we let Jesus’ sufferings influence the name. We call it Long Friday. In earlier times it was a strange holiday day. Usually the goal of any other holiday was to do as little work as possible; this was a day of hard labor. They wanted to feel the pain in the body similar to Jesus’ suffering so many years before.

Now Good Friday is a quiet day, at least in the churches. Some places there are no music, most places the candle lights aren’t lit (or they might be blown out during the service). There are fewer words spoken, but the readings from the bible is longer than usual.

The day is sad and dark. But still there is some light. What happened, that Jesus died, makes the day filled with quiet joy and thanks because he died loving us all.

Good Friday tells me how much God loves us,
you and me – and every other person on earth (past, now and present).

because of love

It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t cheap to show of this love. But it set us free.
Talk about a Good Friday!

Read more about Good Friday in John 18:1-19:30.

God Bless You!

Clean | Holy Thursday

at church

What was he thinking?! Getting down on his knees with water and towel in hand. They all looked at him with astonished faces. What was this? Not a part of the Easter meal that they were supposed to start at any moment; remembering the exodus from Egypt. Sure their feet could use the washing, the streets they had walked in were dusty as any, but not by him; that was just not right!

But he carried on, washing like he was their servant. Until he came to Peter, that was. “No, never shall you wash my feet!” Peter almost screamed to Jesus; this wasn’t how it was supposed to be between a master and his pupil. Peter had to make it stop.

But Jesus simply answered: “If I do not wash you, you have no share with me”, and Peter knew right away that he needed this, he even wanted Jesus to wash his hands and face and all. He so wanted to be tight with Jesus, even though some of his actions might seem a bit odd he didn’t care no more. Peter and Jesus were friends and he truly believed that Jesus was something far more than a normal man – he was the one that should set things right between God and man.

A few years ago I told this story for a children Sunday school group. I had brought a towel and a basin and looked forward to (fake) wash their feet to make them feel how it was back then when Jesus did it to his disciples. But they got disappointed; I didn’t use water and they didn’t have to remove their shoes. They didn’t feel very much like the disciples at all.

It got me thinking; how can we ever live after the word of Jesus about doing as he did on Maundy Thursday?! It’s not like it’s very dusty around here – and it’s not like we are laying at the table when we eat any more either. What did Jesus want us to repeat?

Maybe not so much the actual washing, but the thought about the leader being the servant?! I think that’s it and it’s a huge challenge. It’ll be so much easier just to poor some water in my basin and let them take off their shoes.


Read more about Holy Thursday in John 13.

Wish you all a blessed Holy Thursday!

A post from the files. Recycling the good words.

Don’t tell my mom..

…but I let my kid put his bare feet into the cold river water on Monday. It was just too warm a day to tell him no, even though we are in April still (bathing season here starts by the end of June, usually).

First Dipping of the season

Over a day later there is still no cough to hear, so I think it went nicely. Ahem, just so you know, mom.

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