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Visiting an old memory

Lines When I was a little girl my dad worked as a teacher at a place called Croftholmen. It was close to the ocean and 60 kilometers away from our home. I know he loved teaching at that school, but the driving did take up much of his time so a few years later he got a job much closer to home.

But I remember going with him to the coast. I remember getting up early bringing my big teddy bear with me in the car. I remember smelling the salt air and feeling the wind in my hair. I remember sitting at his desk drawing strange pictures with smiling moons. I remember smelling the burnt iron at the work shop where he taught the young ones to weld.

I remember how much I loved spending a day at work with my dad.

So the other day, on the way back from football cup. I stopped the car and took MT with me to the little islet. Telling him about his Grandpa and what it was like following him to work.

On the pier

Walking around

What a school building

We had some fun walking around. The big thing for MT was being close to the ocean, getting his boots wet while looking for crabs and looking out at the big sea. But there were other things to be found too.

Amazing Rocks



In the Ocean

It was a foggy day, so we couldn’t see far, I guess MT never realized how far out in the sea he could have seen, but we’ll be back a beautiful sunny day…


Then on the way home we drove by my mom and dad’s to show them our photos. I think my dad would have loved to have been there with us.

It’s still a really special place for him. And come to think of it, it also is for me.

@ Grandma & Grandpa

Click the images to see them at flickr and read a little bit more about each of them.

Thanks for looking!

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