A Digi Layout & A Poll

Hi there! Hope your Monday is good – mine came with sunshine and warm weather. I’m writing this while sitting outside as the afternoon sun sets, this is my favorite kind of Spring weather!

As my kid runs around, having fun playing with the neighboring kids, I have a couple of things to share:

First I wanted to tell you that The Daily Digi have another reveal today so I can finally show you one of the layouts I made for The April Digi Files  (sometimes it’s so hard to not share right away, but here is my last layout for this month – several more to come in May). I used alpha, elements and papers from Libby Pritchett Designs. You can learn more about The Digi Files and membership options here: The Digi Game (affiliate link).

(credits by clicking image).

I loved making this page and I love how it works just right, even though I didn’t use the traditional red, blue and white colors for our National Day Celebration (May 17th). I wanted to include so much more than just a report back from a great day celebrated with my kid, friends and family. I wanted to tell about the feeling of visiting my future work space before even sending in the application. It was a time in our life with big changes. Changes for good! It felt so great to capture all that on one digital scrapbook page. And that is a good example of why I really love scrapbooking. It’s not all about photos and great products; it gives me a way to capture the small (but of course highly important) every day events side by side with the big life changing happenings. I’ve been digital scrapbooking for the last 3 years and can’t imagine my life without it. There is always more stories to tell 😀

Secondly I wanted to tell you that I’m working on growing my blogging skills and have joined Shimelle’s class ‘Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers‘, the class started today and I’ve done a few tweaks behind the scene already (following the prompt of the day).

Now I would like to invite you to take part of a poll, just for fun. I really want to learn more about my readers (and to figure out if there are any of you left out here after the silence of this blog from November to March. LOL. Ok, I know there is a few – thank you for hanging in there!). So here it goes:

The world has just too many countries for me to try and mention them all so I went with the continents, but I would love it if you dropped me a comment with a little bit more info about the place you are living and maybe even a little about the weather you’re having right now.

Thanks for playing with me!
I guess you’ll see more evidence from me taking Shimelle’s class these weeks.
Consider yourself warned 😉

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