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Good Friday

Good Friday is a sad and dark day, in many ways. Jesus was sentenced to death. He suffered and he died. In Norway we let Jesus’ sufferings influence the name. We call it Long Friday. In earlier times it was a strange holiday day. Usually the goal of any other holiday was to do as little work as possible; this was a day of hard labor. They wanted to feel the pain in the body similar to Jesus’ suffering so many years before.

Now Good Friday is a quiet day, at least in the churches. Some places there are no music, most places the candle lights aren’t lit (or they might be blown out during the service). There are fewer words spoken, but the readings from the bible is longer than usual.

The day is sad and dark. But still there is some light. What happened, that Jesus died, makes the day filled with quiet joy and thanks because he died loving us all.

Good Friday tells me how much God loves us,
you and me – and every other person on earth (past, now and present).

because of love

It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t cheap to show of this love. But it set us free.
Talk about a Good Friday!

Read more about Good Friday in John 18:1-19:30.

God Bless You!

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