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I can hardly believe it, but another month of snapping away photos (more or less) everyday has come to an end (and to be honest a new month is well on it’s way!). I’m so happy for all the memories I have gathered from the month of April. And this time I want to show you some photos from our Easter week. MT had a few days off school and we had some time on our hands to be together and enjoy the beautiful spring weather, in between me working at church.

Here we go:

First Dipping of the season

18. April 2011 | First Go In Cold Spring River Water

Sweet & cold

19. April 2011 | Got To Love Some Ice Cream

walking home

21. April 2011 | Walking Home From Church
(look he's got his drawing block and pencils with him, as always).

Happy Birthday

22. April 2011 | HAPPY BIRTHDAY my son. 8 is gonna rock!

Building Lego

23. April 2011 | Having Fun Playing With Birthday Gifts

Balloon Fun

24. April 2011 | So Glad Grandma & Grandpa Had Some Time To Stay After Church

A Day In My Life | Swimming Glasses

25. April 2011 | Going To The Pool

Find more of my photos in my Flickr stream or join me in the forum and gallery @ Capture Your 365. It’s such a friendly and encouraging place. In fact if you follow along on this blog hop, you’ll meet a few of us. Next up is: Tracy.

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