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Saturday I snapped a few photos during a half an hour (or so) break outside. I tried to capture the feeling of the every day life’s blessings. I tried to capture the happiness of the small things. I loved how it felt playful at the same time as meaningful. I’ve been working on and off with these photos (and words about them) ever since. And now I’m ready to share them with you. (If you want to read a little bit about each of the photos you can head over to my Flickr steam or the Simple Things photo set, I also made a layout with the above photo and you can find it at Flickr as well: This Photo | The Story).


Happiness | Attack

Happiness | Photo Play

Happiness | Play

Happiness | The Flower

Happiness | The Flower Photo Shoot

I really have so much to be grateful for in my life. I only have to remember to look for it + dare to play a little to catch it. It helps to slow down the pace a little as well.

Good luck hunting for happiness. I don’t thing we’ll ever have too much of that stuff, so be on the look out every day. I sure will.


It’s my 3rd go @ the simple things, I love the idea of this.
I hope I can keep it a regular thing on Mondays.

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anneberit (Author)


  1. Helena c

    great set of photos – love the focus on details – love your pink shoes

  2. Helen

    These photos are very cute.
    Yes there is beauty in every day 🙂

    I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday.

  3. Margie S (Xnomads)

    What a lovely post with a great message. I love the feeling of those photos – definitely happiness and gratitude. I have a special affinity for photos of little boys engrossed in play since I have three boys myself! And lots of similar pictures. So glad I stopped by! : )

  4. Krista Lund

    i’ve been wanting to join in on Rebecca’s The Simple Things! just never get around to doing it.
    your photos look great!

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