Hipstamatic Photos

I’ve been kind of into taking photos with my phone again. I guess the light days and evenings helps, and with far more activity outdoors it’s easy to capture the moments with the camera I (almost) always have with me. Here are a few from the last weekends, taken using the Hipstamatic app.

My favorite! Love the colors and the peaceful feeling. Really screams summer to me :)

Fishing in the Tiny Lake

Fishing in the Big Lake
Just love this one. The colors. The action. The framing.

So glad to be inside my car when the rain hit.


Playing Cards | UNO
A favorite card game in our house right now. MT is on a winning streak. And I’m not going easy on him. We have rematches scheduled for the entire summer 😉

Thanks for looking at my HAPPY moments from the last week. There have been a lot of other things going on in our life as well, not so fun stuff as well. Just wanted to give the happy feeling some room. That’s the moments I want to remember!

** Ops. Fell asleep in the chair yesterday and forgot this wasn’t published. 😉 Now it is.**

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