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Life As I See It [Health, Fitness and Happiness]Happy Summer! Or something that looks like it (it’s raining around here, but the weather is warmer now than when it was raining in May, so it must be summer all right). Anyhow. Welcome to another edition of the Capture Your 365 Blog Hop. This time with photos from June.

And I’m so pleased with myself. I actually accomplished several of my photo goals for this month (June). I snapped photos regularly (not every day, but often). And every night I sent an email to OhLife with a short, sometimes long, story about the day. Come the end of the month it was so easy to write the text that goes with the photos (I published to my Flickr account) . The one thing I didn’t managed to do, and that I’m hoping to find time for, was uploading the photos to my gallery at Capture Your 365 site. I really love the tone and feel of the gallery and soooo want to find my way back in there. After all, Katrina is the reason why I’m back snapping happily my 365 photos this year!

A few favorite photos (click them to view the larger + read the story):

365 | 21 june 11

365 | 25 june 11

365 | 15 june 11

365 | 10 june 11

365 | 14 june 11

Find more of my photos in my Flickr stream or join me in the forum and gallery @ Capture Your 365. It’s such a friendly and encouraging place. In fact if you follow along on this blog hop, you’ll meet a few of us. Next up is: Katrina.

Here are links to earlier blog hops: March | April | May

365 | 23 june 11

for visiting me.
I’m off to clean my house and to enjoy this day a little as well. It’s my birthday. I’m getting old 😉

Wish you a lovely July!

Leave a comment if you want and welcome back!

In case you get lost on your way, here is the full list of blogs:
1. Jill 2. Laura 3.
Christi 4. Sharon 5. Tammy 6. Kathleen 7. Anne (me)  8. Katrina

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anneberit (Author)


  1. Sharon

    Gorgeous photos Anne!

  2. Photographing Mom

    Awesome photos and Happy Birthday!!

  3. Christi

    Happy Birthday!

    So many wonderful photos. I always enjoy seeing what you have to show us. Can’t wait to have you back in the gallery regularly.

  4. Katrina Kennedy

    Love your photos! So glad you are part of CY365. I think you and I both need to post more often 😉

    Thanks for being part (and saying such kind things) of CY365.

  5. Helen

    Happy birthday (yesterday).
    See u tomorrow :)Let`s hope for sunshine ☀

  6. Lillian Child

    Great pics. And Happy Birthday! Hope your day was filled with family, friends, fun … and CAKE!!

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