10 Things On The 10th | Savor Summer

As I sit here watching the temperature crawl down to 10 degree Celsius, feeling the fall approaching with the sharp cold rush of air even when the sun is out during the day – and seeing the first yellow leaves appear on the trees around me – I want to savor summer. So here are 10 snippets of it, brought to you in Hipstamatic style:

Summer Favorite | Hipstamatic
Our neighbor’s cool bus. Love the greens.

Summer Favorite | Hipstamatic
My kid after the bath. Love the goggles.

Summer Favorite | Hipstamatic
My kid in the mirror. Love his smile. Do you see me?

Summer Favorite | Hipstamatic
Delicious ice cream. Love the green and brown combo.

Summer Favorite | Hipstamatic
The tree, the sky and a good friend. Love spending some time together on a beautiful day.

Summer Favorite | Hipstamatic
Distorted view of the farm. Love the effect.

Summer Favorite | Hipstamatic
Putting fishes in his bucket. Love the sunshine.

Summer Favorite | Hipstamatic
Trees by the lake. Just love the look of them against the blue water.

Summer Favorite | Hipstamatic
Ready for some fishing. Love the silhouette effect.

Summer Favorite | Hipstamatic
Paddling around on the lake. Love how much fun he had on that thing.

So there 10 good thing captured and remembered.

Thanks for looking, hope to see you around - leave a comment if you want.
What 10 things do you have to share?
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5 thoughts on “10 Things On The 10th | Savor Summer

  1. Tracy says:

    What a “GORGEOUS” place you live in,wow,wish i could be there..total bliss!!!
    Loved your pics..the green bus ,yeah i can see you,lol,the mirror pic..stunning!!
    Thanks for sharing.

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