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Celebrate Life @ 40
credits: papers, alpha and elements from Sweet Caroline by Meredith Cardall Designs, template from In One Word: Love by Studio Basic – both as part of The Digi Files for August 2011. Fonts: Traveling Typewriter and Scriptina

Another kit from The Digi Files are revealed at The Daily Digi today, and I made a birthday scrapbook page with it.I love all the happy colors and thought it captured the feeling of my birthday celebration really well (rain and all!).

Here are the words:

I love celebrating my birthday. I think I have loved it since I was a little girl. Back then it was all about getting one year older, getting bigger and more independent. Now it’s all about feeling the gratitude about my life, celebrating another year of sweet memories with family and friends.

Every 5 years I invite to birthday party @ The Farm, on my 40th birthday this July I did it again. And, wow, our (extended) family have grown so much, at least on my mother’s side, so the list of people to invite got longer than before – the weather forecast told me rain was to be expected and it was a challenge finding room for all of them – but what a sweet challenge it was since everyone wanted to come!

It was such a lovely day. I wished all of my friends could have been there too, but so grateful for the ones able to attend. I love truly this tradition – and I look forward to another big celebration in five years. Wonder how my family have grown and changed by then….

I’m so proud to be a part of the team at The Daily Digi. Now they have their Team page updated (still in progress for a few more faces), and here is a link to the page about me.

If you aren’t already a subscriber to the files, check out the options here:

Thanks for looking 🙂


A Few More Favorite Things

365 | 10 aug 2011 | game

I’m still working on Katrina’s list of Favorite Things for my project 365 this month. I’m not all caught up with posting them to my 365 |2011 Flickr set, but I hope to get there by the end of the week. Getting back to work this past two weeks have been seriously busy!

This photo is from August 9th:

365 | 9 aug 2011 | toy

MT have loved playing with these wooden sticks even since he got them 6 years ago. Back then he had fun just filling (and emptying) his truck with them. Now he builds amazing structures with them and can spend hours after hours playing.

For sure a Favorite Child’s Toy in our house.

The photo at the top of this post is from August 10th:

For a period this summer MT asked me to play UNO with him more or less every day.
Our stack of cards are well used and every time I play it I’m reminded of all the times I played it as kid. Good Times. For sure our Favorite Game right now.

And this one from August 11th:

365 | 11 aug 2011 | place outdoors

In the afternoon the sun finds it’s way to our veranda on the northern side of the house, it’s a wonderful place to be – to regroup from a busy day and to soak up on the last bit of sunshine for the day.

Right now this is a Favorite Place right Outside my door. If only there would be more sunny days like this, I would use it even more. It could use a new lick of paint, though. Maybe next year?


So what are you doing with your photos this month?
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