for the love of a dog

MT and dog in box

..and his dog..

I’m so glad for catching a few words or glimpses here and there from what MT is saying or doing. I really should be better at writing them down when they happen. I will not remember later on, apparently, because when I went to Flickr to take this layout below from private to public (since it’s featured at the daily digi today), I found something unexpected when I took the time to read my journaling. I wrote it a little over a month ago, and while I’m quite used to thinking about Whuzha (MT’s favorite stuffed animal) and knew the page was about it, I had already forgotten that I scrapped this because I heard him talking to his friends about this. So so glad for capturing that detail, and for getting it on my page. Yay.

credits: papers, alpha and elements from Close To Heart by Designs by Kat as part of The Digi Files for August 2011. font: Junction

While having our friends here visiting I heard my boy and their girls talking about their favorite stuffed animals. I guess they were looking at a few of them from his collection and I heard him say: ‘Yes, this is one of my favorites, but the one I like the most is Whuzha*. It’s a dog and it’s at my Grandma‚Äôs right now’. I smiled hearing this. And I know how much he loves that dog. He got it from one of my friends when she came to Addis Abeba to help bring MT home to Norway. For a long time he kept it with him wherever he went. At home, on holidays, in the car and in his bed at night. He played with it and cared for it.

I’m so glad he still thinks that Whuzha is his favorite stuffed animal. That he still care even though he’s a big boy now.

* as far as I know Whuzha (my spelling, it might be wrong) is the word for dog on Amharic, the language MT spoke when I met him.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with all the stories yet to tell or with all the little moments that passes us by because we doesn’t pay attention, but I will rather be happy about the glimpses and stories that are actually told than worry too much about the rest.

Have you told a story about your life – or a loved one lately? Please share :)

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