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I made a few collages for the Big Idea Festival over at Big Picture Classes last month. It was all about the Words and what they meant to me. I typed it all out on card stock with my typewriter and plan to print the collages and merge it all into an album, eventually. But first let me share the words and photos with you here as well. Last week I told you about the word SHARE. Today I want to share with you my photos and thoughts about the word LIVE!

So here it goes:

Live | Photo Collage

My life is important to me, or it is more than important, it is incredible, beautiful, hard, demanding, fragile, solid, giving and a fantastic gift I’ve been given by my Creator and Father. I wish to live and be present in every one of my days. Be where I am, in that moment.

This word is really important for me. The photo of MT and Grandma above makes me so happy :)

My Favorite Fall Page | The Daily Digi

September Morning

Sometimes it’s the iPhone photos that I love the most. And as long as I keep them small they do very well on a large layout. I can’t wait to print this and put it in my album :) Love all the patterns and colors as well in the papers and elements here:

morning has broken
credits: papers, alpha and elements from September Blooms by Che Yang Designs as part of The Digi Files for September 2011

I’m not a morning person. I sleep in as much as I can. So early morning glory is a sight I seldom see, at least when the sun is up more than down during the lighter half year here in Norway. But even though I’m not a morning person I love the look of morning. Especially a sunny early September morning like this. I’m so glad I captured it with my iPhone on my way up and out. Loving how the mist and damp plays with the sun rays – and love, love. love how the early sunshine falls on our beautiful pine tree. Well, good morning to you too!

If you like scrapbooking & aren’t already a subscriber to the digi files, check options here (click image):

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I’ve Learned Some More | LSNED

art nature | fall 2008

I haven’t been able to update with photos, but I’ve been learning something small or something big each and every day so far this month. (YAY!) Today I’ve paired my learnings with my photos and want to share :) If you want to read more about the project you can find the other posts here.

What I learned Sunday, September 4th:

LSNED | 04.sep.11

After a whole weekend apart it's nice to stay in the same room for a while.

This weekend I was busy with the new Confirmant class @ church, so MT went to his Grandparents for a few days. It was so good to see him again on Sunday! And even though we ended up doing different things in the evening – it was so nice to be together in the same room again.

What I learned Monday, September 5th:

LSNED | 05. sep. 2011

Since going low on sugar consume, I eat popcorn more often.

Like every day. Ops.

What I learned Tuesday, September 6th:

LSNED | 06. sep. 2011

A soccer mom will cheer on the team even when September turns to wind and rain.

Sometimes the weather aren’t so nice when MT are out playing football (soccer). Sometimes there is a roof over my head and I can stay dry and still see what happens (and shout, as I can’t keep silent at a football match. lol.). But most often there is no roof and I have to stay outside in the rain as they plays.

What I learned Wednesday, September 7th:

LSNED | 07. sep. 2011

A sunny afternoon in the fall, with no meeting to attend,
makes for a nice photo hunting walk!

A beautiful afternoon and a little camera walk in my neighborhood to capture the nice September weather, how much water there is in the river right now and how the beautiful sky and clouds reflects in the water.

What I learned Thursday, September 8th:

LSNED | 08. sep. 2011

Planning and thinking together with people that are engaged and creative
makes me believe that the sky is the limit.

This day was spent driving to and from meetings. Loved the great discussions and ideas shared in all the planning that took place – as well as the inspiring thoughts from creative minds. In the afternoon we got a little rain and some gorgeous rainbows as well.

What I learned Friday, September 9th:

LSNED | 09. sep. 2011

Fridays are my favorite weekend evenings.

I’m often tired on Friday afternoons, but still it’s my favorite day of the weekend. There are (usually) no work and no school on Saturday, so we get to hang out and not worry so much about when we go to bed, because we can sleep in the next day. And since I often work on Sundays, Saturday afternoon aren’t as relaxed, since then I tend to worry about the service and the sermon and such.

What I learned Saturday, September 10th:

LSNED | 10. sep. 2011

Sometimes it better to go out and do something than stay at home.
Even when I feel tired and worn.

We had lots of fun going to the fair today. I was so tired, and thought it might be a good idea to stay at home and rest instead. But it totally was the best idea to just go and have fun. I’ve been going to this fair since I was a girl, and it’s a big one. We were only 2 out of over 30000 there(!) So great to walk around and see all that was for sale, equally as fun (at least for MT) to be at the amusement park and have some fun with the electric bumper cars (he even got his uncle O. out there bumping). Also nice to spend some of the time there with my father and my brother. We don’t see each other too often!

So there you go. All updated again. More or less. How are your learning going?! 😉

Tomorrow Katrina Kennedy’s class Your Life: Captured Through The Lens starts up and I can’t wait for all the things I’m going to learn about photography. That is if I can remember my password and log in already, I’m tired of requiring new passwords all the time…. ahem.

PS: The class is still open for registration, if you want to join in as well. Go here to read more about it.

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