Hallo September!

Hello Fall | 1

I went for a little walk yesterday and brought my camera.

Hello Fall | 5

I’ve really not been okay saying farewell to summer, but now as September is here I feel that I’m ready to embrace the new season approaching. Yesterday I tried to find the beauty in the changes.

Hello Fall | 3

Hello Fall | 2

Hello Fall | 4

Thankfully it was a warm and sunshiny day, after so much rain in August it felt almost as a relief. I guess we have more rain coming, but just now I want to enjoy this new month and the new season. Hoping for good things to happen.

Hello Fall | 7

Hello Fall | 6

Thanks for looking, how is the season going at your place?

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2 thoughts on “Hallo September!

  1. Britta says:

    Beautiful pictures. After a very stressful day they make me calm. Thank you for showing.

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