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365 | 21 aug 2011 | Fruit

It’s hardly a secret that my Favorite Fruit is of the lime kind.

I just love the green color and how it makes my cooking taste so much better. I should use it again soon, been having bad cooking habits lately, not much home cooked meals these days.

I spent last month snapping a bunch of Favorites. I had so much fun following Katrina’s August prompts. You can find the new list for September here and come join us for some sharing and talking in the gallery and forum at her site Capture Your 365. Love the people there – and the photos uploaded are just gorgeous! Lots of inspiration for the next (365) photo – don’t we all need that from time to time?

Anyway, back to business. My Favorites. I shared a few here, here and here.
And now I want to share some more:

365 | 28 aug 2011 | Smile

I love my kid’s smile – that is my Favorite Smile for sure. I have a lot of pictures of it too (together with a lot of other photos of his face and all his expressions), here he’s showing off all his brand new big boy teeth as well.

Keep smiling kiddo. I love you!

365 | 25 aug 2011 | Smaller Thing

MT has a thing for small things, he loves to pick up beetles, grasshopper and such (but is quite afraid of spiders).

This little guy was my Favorite Smaller Thing of the month.

365 | 17 aug 2011 | Tech

My phone is really worn from all it’s use. Sometimes it’s sticky from my kid borrowing it, sometimes it doesn’t function as well as I wish – but I could not go with another type of phone after this. I just love the way it works (or at least should work) – and that I can do so much more than talk or send SMS.

My Favorite Piece of Technology is for sure my (sadly outdated) iPhone.

365 | 22 aug 2011 | Kitchen Item

I bought these in South Africa 13 years ago. I love them and they usually go with the bowl of salad when I have company. I haven’t used them for a while, so it seems like I need to invite someone soon – and serve something green 😀

A Favorite Kitchen Item of mine.

365 | 24 aug 2011 | Hobby

I’ve been taking photos in one way or another for the last 30 years. I love it and it has such a big impact on my life. I’m so glad to see how MT is picking up the camera as well and starting to get a few decent images out of it as well.

Taking photos is my Favorite Hobby, but certainly not the only one!

365 | 23 aug 2011 | View

I love the view from the farm I grow up on. I love that the farm is up on a little hill and that it faces straight south. Makes it open for every kind of weather, but the view is spectacular 🙂

My favorite view for sure!

365 | 29 aug 2011 | Activity

MT has been really into football (soccer) lately and was so happy when the season started up again a couple of weeks ago.

It’s been his Favorite Activity for a while now, at least until the snow arrives, and I love going with him and cheering him on.

365 | 31 aug 2011 | Beverage

I’m not drinking as much coffee as before, but I have to say that it is my Favorite Beverage.

You can find the full 365 set here.

Thanks for looking. Please share what your favorite things are in the comments. I’d love to know.

Happy weekend everyone!!

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