The Long Tale About Bringing Him Home

I can’t believe it’s been so long. But today, tonight, it’s 6 (six) years since I brought MT home.
Can you believe it?!

first look | 2005

I’m spending it all alone since MT is at his Grandparents, but I’ve used the time good and written down The Long Tale About Bringing Him Home. So here it goes:

6 years ago right about now, I guess I were still on the plane. I was so tired, had been awake all night. So much had happened. The long waiting at the air port in Addis Abeba. The flight in the middle of the night. The uneasy sleep of my little 2,5 year old. The no sleep for me. The early, early morning landing in Frankfurt in Germany. The hours spent at the Mac Donald, eating, playing and talking. Then we had to say farewell to my good friend that had been with us for over a week, I cried and MT screamed, we almost lost it there for a while.

But then he got to meet his Grandparents and got treated with a pizza. He started to smile again and being his goofy self; charming his Grandparents from the very first moment they met. After some hours of talking and getting to know each other, we had to say goodbye again. Not easy, but easier. He had not been with them as long and i think he understood that he would see them again, soon. When they would come to visit us by the fjord were I lived and he soon should live as well.

There where some more waiting, it seemed like for ever. I was so tired and was really relieved when we finally could board the plane. MT decided that he wanted to sit right next to the rotor blade, he found it funny to watch. I felt they might be a bit to noisy for my liking, but hey, it is only one hour flight. I could take that.

It took some more hours to get home. There were fog at the air port, we got rerouted to the main city. When we landed i almost cried again, I was so very tired and kind of emotional; being a new mom and all. My kid was sleeping next to me safely tucked in the belt that i had to bribe him with candy to fasten without too much crying an hour earlier. It was something new to him, they didn’t use belt much in his country. Not that he had flown an air plane before either.

They told me that every one had to leave the plane and go wait inside in the waiting hall. It was too much for me and I almost cried. The stewardess understood me, she was an adoptive mom as well, she said she could eat her lunch in the plane and stay with me. I haven’t words enough to describe how happy that made me, how understood i felt, how thankful I was for that my kid got to sleep and i got to just sit there talking about my boy, about adoption with someone that understood and knew.

After a while we got to take off again, the fog had cleared. We headed for our final destination this day, finally. When I walked out of the plane, with my kid next to me – he woke up when we got there – I cried again. Happy tears this time. Because another good friend stood there waiting for us. Waiting for us to come of the plane, waiting to give each of us a good hug and a welcome home, waiting to drive us home.

And while we drove we got to talk a little, my friend and I, while my kid slept some more. And our day was finally almost over. Finally home, me and my kid, ready for our new life together.


Thanks for reading! This really is a special day for me. If you want to you can read more about the journey to Ethiopia here. But now it is time for bed for me I guess. Looking forward to see MT again tomorrow. I miss him when he’s not here. The house is so empty and quiet.

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One thought on “The Long Tale About Bringing Him Home

  1. Aimee says:

    Congratulations on the anniversary of becoming a mom!! What a blessing for both of you!
    We have a family friend who adopted children too and I know what a gift adoption is!
    TY so much for sharing the story of your family with us!
    Blessings to both of you,

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