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Fog and Light

The last few days have been filled with things to do in my real life, so I’m getting back to my thankful posts soon – but right now I’m just thankful for getting through my days and for everything I’m able to cross off my list. LOL. I’m still writing a few words in my thankful book and snapping a few photos each day (more or less), so I will eventually have some things to share here online as well – although not tonight.

But I have something else to share; above and below are instagram photos from the moments where I got to stand still for a couple seconds and snap a face, some lines, a thing or a light that made me happy over the last few days – and look; we have still no snow! I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad about that, but it makes our life so much easier and warmer. So I’m quite okay with the winter being a bit late this year. My kid might not share my feelings on this, though!

Train Tracks

Waiting for the Train

Showing off some tricks

Football Crazy

He loves to draw when I read too him.

What we are reading right now Harry Potter #3

Thanks for looking! (Click images if you want to read a tiny bit about them.) Do you use instagram? I can always use a few more folks to follow, so leave your addy in the comments if you’d like. Wish you all a blessed week, and Happy Thanksgiving to you if you celebrate that! :D

Soon we’re heading in to the holiday season as well. Taking deep breaths here. I love the season though and I’m hoping to enjoy it.

White Frost

@ My Place Right Now

It so white and beautiful outside right now. It’s not yet snow, but the cold weather we’re having the last few days have covered everything in ice crystals and rime. I love it and it makes our early dark afternoon so much lighter too.

Today I’ve been to our old house to get a few things. It is like walking down memory line to be there, I still love the house – but it feels like it belonged to so long ago…. and in a way that is what it does. I’m so glad for where we are right now, for the changes we had to make to live a happier life – but there is also something good that was left behind. Something I wish we still had.

Love this familiar view. Used to be my home.

Apparently I feel a little moody tonight. So glad I have a webinar with Katrina Kennedy to attend in the middle of the night (yep, I do that kind of crazy things every now and then) – listening to photo talk for an hour will make me so much more happier. And maybe I also can find some sollutions for the low light situation we have going here. I sure miss the sunlight during the winter (for four months the sun doesn’t shine on our house because of the low sun and a hill to the south of us. Not a fan of that!).

So how are your day going?

A bunch of Thanks | Thankful #7-#15

A Night Time Favorite

Thankful. That is what I try to remember to be now in November. Or, really, I try to be it all year roud, but this month I planned on doing a real effort of documenting my gratefulness; writing it down and taking some photos. We are now in the middle of the month, and what do I have to show?

30 Days of Thanks

  • A book that is more or less filled with words of thankfullness. Not all of the words that I wanted to get in there are there, but quite a few. (This mini book is the The Goods Mini Book by Amy Tangerine (American Crafts)).
  • Almost a photo each day, designated to its own day and explaned with a few words on Flickr and in my gallery at Capture Your 365. (I love it there, you should visit!)
  • A blog post for each of the first 6 days of the month…

I was wery good at writing blog post in the beginning of the month. The rest of the days….. so good! Frankly I haven’t written anything. So with this post I am planning to do something about that! Even thought I can’t document as much from my day as I wanted in this way (as I can when I blog from each day by it self). It is so much better than nothing. And I love any exuse to use lots of photos anyway. So here we go, the photos, the words, the thankfulness of the days 7 – 15 of November 2011:

November 7th
Thankful For Tech Luxory | Nov. 7-2011

I am thankful for the luxury of having a Macbook to capture and save the memories of our little family. I’m thankful for having the luxury of a fast internet connection and a international word wide scrapbook and memory keeping community to belong to as well.

November 8th
Thankful For His Heart | Nov. 8-2011

I am thankful for having this kid in my life. Often I think back to the day when we first met, he was 2,5 years old and I had traveled all the way down to Addis Abeba i Ethiopia. It was one of those days that I’ll never forget. It changed my life in a really good way!

Heart you right back my kid!

November 9th
Thankful For The Smiles | Nov. 9-2011

I am thankful for joy and happiness shared with family. I am especially thankful for the bond between my kid and my dad. I love when both of them smiles and they have time to indulge the photographer for a little second.

November 10th
Thankful For This Book | Nov. 10-2011

I am thankful for my love of reading. And even though I don’t read as many books each year as I did when I was younger I still read quite a few. This summer I read I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn’t): Telling the Truth About Perfectionism, Inadequacy, and Power by Brené  Brown – and it was amazing, and an eye opener as well. I’m so thankful for having this book on my shelf and for the things it taught me. Living with my whole heart that is what I want to do.

November 11th
Thankful For Time & Date | Nov. 11-2011

So happy to have had documented this special day of my life. I got lucky taking a photo with my iPhone right on the very minute too. 11.11.11. 11:11. So thankful for living this day mindful of it being a rare date that I want to remember, even though it also was a very regular Friday in our home. With work and school and the routine of our every day life. (I plan on doing more with the photos from this day, I even shot some video with my phone, I just need a little more time… or a lot!)

November 12th
Thankful For Food | Nov. 12-2011

Pasta with red sauce is our favorite comfort food. We often eat it on Fridays, but sometimes we eat it other times of the week as well. Ususally we eat it once a week. Not often more, but sometimes less. If you’ll ask MT what his favorite food is – he will answer this one and then he will add a few more, because he loves good food preferably with plenty of onion, chili and garlic in it. Yum.

November 13th
Thankful For Colors | Nov. 13-2011

I am thankful for the colors in my life. I love colors and I need to be surrounded by them to feel happy. For ages blue have been my favorite color, but for the last year orange have gotten dearer and nearer to my heart and is a color I am so happy to use as often as I can; to make something dull filled with life and fun.

November 14th
Thankful For Smiles | Nov. 14-2011

This little thing with color lights that he begged me for this summer was found in the frozen grass today. And it is still so much fun! Especially in the dark afternoon. I love the lines of the light here and can tolerate the blurriness of MT as he moves too fast for the shutter speed to grasp. Just imagine all the SMILES this brought today. I love when MT smiles. It’s the best thing there is!

November 15th
Thankful For Technology | Nov. 15-2011

I am thankful for the technology that enables us to document our life (blog, photos, scrapbooks and more!) and that it also is a way for MT to watch a movie or a TV program online. Here he is enjoying a science program for kids (he love the Newton show aired on Nrk i Norway).

Thank you for reading and looking!!
How are you doing? Do you have something to be grateful for today?
(I sure hope so, and would love to hear about it!)

Until next time; have a wonderful day!

Our Instagram 11.11.11

Our 11.11.11 was not a very exciting and unusual day, but it is sure to be well remembered. If I can figure out how – and if I can find some time to actually do a bit of work on it – I might have a video from our day to share as well. But not now. I’ve been shooting with both of my cameras today, both the dSLR and my iPhone. I’m in the middle of relocating my image masters from my macbook to an external hard drive, so I’m not able to upload any of the photos from my big camera right now. But the instagram photos are already at my flickr home so I wanted to share them with you all.  Tonight it is all about the instagram photos. Enjoy! And thanks for watching :D

It's official. 11.11.11 is here :) And I'm late for bed.

Taken in the bathroom right before I went to bed. It was after midnight as usual. I am a night owl for sure!

11.11.11 at 11:11

So glad I nailed it :) I almost forgot, I had plenty of other things on my mind. (Glad I didn’t had to pick it down from the wall and stage the time to get it right!!)

11.11.11 What a cool wedding date! (and, nope, not mine!)

A couple got married in church today. They were excited about having 11.11.11 as their wedding date. I would be too.

Good Night Sweetie!

About time for him to go to bed. I should not have used the flash on this one, though, but his bedroom is kind of dark and he had switched the cameras without me noticing until later tonight.

A Night Time Favorite

And as usual, a perfect ending to my day with a cup of tea and some time on my macbook.

How did you celebrate this day?! I loved Katie’s mention of eating straight looking food for dinner today. Did you do that? I’m sorry to say that we did not manage to do it, though. MT had a friend over and they wanted taco for dinner ;)

Please jump over to One Day On Earth for more 11.11.11 inspiration, photos and words.

Tonight I

Sunset Beautiful

I see a slightly messy kitchen, hoping for some time to clear and clean tomorrow afternoon.

I plan to take MT out in the woods some time over the weekend. We plan to meet up with my brother and his family and I think we are going to build a fire and eat our lunches outside. It will be so nice. And if we are really lucky we will find a Christmas tree for our living room as well (we are not going to take it with us right now, we decorate our three at December 23rd , so no need to rush. But great to find it now when there are no snow on the ground).

I hear music as I play Spotify. I started with Christmas music, but right now there are some other songs playing. Think I need to go back to the Christmas tunes. I love those.

I feel tired after a long day of work. I also feel cold because I did not manage to find the energy to light up our wood fire. I think I need to find a blanket or something soon.

I do need some sleep. I really do. Hoping to go to bed before midnight tonight.

I smile about the fact that MT already have picked a name for the dog he will get a day several years from now. Glad he loves the thought of having an animal that much!

I love the comments received on my 10 on the tenth post from this morning. Thank you!

How are your day going?

10 on the 10th | November edition

I was thinking about a good 10 things for my blog post this month. And suddenly it hit me how fun it would be to look at the photos from the tenth day of each month of this year. (I didn’t take a photo on every 10th of the month, if I went up or down a couple of days I usually found something. I am in the habit of taking a lot of photos).
Here the photos are in chronological order:

The 10th | January

The 10th | Februar 2011

The 10th | March 2011

The 10th | April 2011

The 10th | May 2011

The 10th | June 2011

The 10th | July 2011

The 10th | August 2011

The 10th | September 2011

The 10th | October 2011
If you want to read more about each months photo, just click on it and jump over to my Flickr account.

I loved the hunt for older photos taken on, or close to, the 10th each of the previous months, how long has it been since you last looked at your photos from the same day of the month for several months?! If ever. You should do it now. I’ll tell you; it was fun! A tiny little snap shot of (almost) a year. From winter to fall. From white, through green to orange-brown.

Thanks for stopping by! :D
Visit Shimelle for more Ten Things on the Tenth.

And really soon I’ll be back blogging my Gratitude. Life is kind of thigh right now and I am thankful for getting through each day + for sleep and a few quiet moments to my self in between all the hustle and bustle. It’s lots of good stuff thought!

One Little Word | Thankful #6

Checking The Weather

I feel like I’ve spent most of the weekend in church (or planning for church services). It really is a bit much when there is a service both Saturday and Sunday and when the week was so filled with events as it was,as well. Sometimes I get a little tired, to be honest, but still (and thankfully) there is many things to be grateful for on this day too (Sunday). Although we did not get to home cook  a fancy dinner together, at least we spent the Sunday together as a family. And MT was happy to have a quiet day where he could draw some more awesome drawings – I am so thankful for his love of drawing! – and be outside playing some football (soccer).

First a little note on the prompts and the way I use them:
The last few days I’ve stayed a bit off of Katerina’s prompt for the day, but I’m seriously inspired by them and like to use them as my starting point as I get her newsletter in the mail each morning. And if you haven’t seen her newsletter (it’s all renewed for this moth! Love it.) – you should take a look at the issue for Sunday here.

This Sunday I want to use the prompt from Saturday; a word I am thankful for.

I am thankful for my one little word of the year: FAITH.

Thankful For My One Little Word | Nov. 6-2011

I am thankful for the way it have made my belief in God, in my self and in others a priority in my life. I am thankful for the way it has pushed me to try and make a difference, daring to take chances I would not have taken before. I’m still going baby steps, but I am moving closer to the me I want to be and the life I want to live. One little word really do matter.

What are you thankful for today?

This is the sixth post in a series of Thankful post for the month of November 2011. I use the prompts from Katrina Kennedy’s November Photo Idea List as a starting off point and find at least one thing I am grateful for each and every day. If you want to play along please share your thoughts in the comments or link us up to your blog.

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