Hello November | Thankful #1

Helloo November

Hello November! You came warm, wet and foggy!

Yesterday and today we have been in a kind of Halloween mode around here. Not that we celebrate the holiday much, but even here in Norway you should work hard not to notice it when the date drawing close; with the toy stores crammed with all kinds of spooky and creepy costumes – and lots of candy everywhere. I have said for a while that I wish the holiday we should adopt from the US was the Thanksgiving holiday, not the Halloween one. I know we do not have the history for these holidays anyway, but the stores most certainly do not let that stop the assortment overload of scary masks and buckets for candy now have it?! So why not also adopt Thanksgiving and give it our own little homey twist?

I can think of a million things we can be thankful for, both as a nation and for me personally – I have off course not the time or energy to write down or say out loud all the millions of things I am thinking of (!) BUT I really would love and like to write down one (or a few) things I am thankful for each and every day of this month. So maybe we haven’t adopted this holiday of Giving Thanks in our country just yet, but that will not stop me from having my own little thanksgiving party in my life, now does it.

There even might be a turkey at the end of the road. :)

And, with me I am taking the Thankful Prompt Katrina Kennedy have gathered together for the month. You can find it here at her site Capture Your 365 (you should become a member and start sharing your thankful photos as well! I’d love to see you there!). I love all the thankful prompts and will try to fill each and every day with a photo of something I am thankful for as well as the words.

For November 1st I will use the prompt and just state the obvious.
This is the person that I am the most thankful for:

Thankful For You | Nov. 1-2011

I guess it was no surprise, at least not if you have been following this blog for the last 6 years. But it is also so very true! There is no one else on this earth of ours that I am more thankful for than my sweet and happy kid. No matter if the day have been filled with grumpiness and unhappy words and faces (like this afternoon. Sigh. Mine as well as his). Love you big boy!

Now, the really fun thing would be to hear what you are thankful for as well. Please share some words or thoughts or link us up to your blog or photo in the comments. Thanks!

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