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This weekend is mostly work for me, so it was so nice that MT could spend some hours at his uncle and aunt’s place instead of tagging along with me.

We had a special remembrance service at church where we invited the families, that had lost a dear one the last year, to come and be together for an hour of song, prayers, lighting of candles and hope. It was a good service, but not something MT would have had so much use for. He was better off playing with his cousins.

When I got to their house to pick him up and stepped out of the car I looked down on my phone only to find a message from my brother:

Are you coming soon? Dinner is ready!

It was such a sweet and nice surprise. Tasty as well. Thank you so much guys!!

Thankful Nov. 5.2011

—————————–> What are you thankful for today?

This is the fifth post in a series of Thankful post for the month of November 2011. I use the prompts from Katrina Kennedy’s November Photo Idea List as a starting off point and find at least one thing I am grateful for each and every day. If you want to play along please share your thoughts in the comments or link us up to your blog.

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