Tonight I

Sunset Beautiful

I see a slightly messy kitchen, hoping for some time to clear and clean tomorrow afternoon.

I plan to take MT out in the woods some time over the weekend. We plan to meet up with my brother and his family and I think we are going to build a fire and eat our lunches outside. It will be so nice. And if we are really lucky we will find a Christmas tree for our living room as well (we are not going to take it with us right now, we decorate our three at December 23rd , so no need to rush. But great to find it now when there are no snow on the ground).

I hear music as I play Spotify. I started with Christmas music, but right now there are some other songs playing. Think I need to go back to the Christmas tunes. I love those.

I feel tired after a long day of work. I also feel cold because I did not manage to find the energy to light up our wood fire. I think I need to find a blanket or something soon.

I do need some sleep. I really do. Hoping to go to bed before midnight tonight.

I smile about the fact that MT already have picked a name for the dog he will get a day several years from now. Glad he loves the thought of having an animal that much!

I love the comments received on my 10 on the tenth post from this morning. Thank you!

How are your day going?

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