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Thankful. That is what I try to remember to be now in November. Or, really, I try to be it all year roud, but this month I planned on doing a real effort of documenting my gratefulness; writing it down and taking some photos. We are now in the middle of the month, and what do I have to show?

30 Days of Thanks

  • A book that is more or less filled with words of thankfullness. Not all of the words that I wanted to get in there are there, but quite a few. (This mini book is the The Goods Mini Book by Amy Tangerine (American Crafts)).
  • Almost a photo each day, designated to its own day and explaned with a few words on Flickr and in my gallery at Capture Your 365. (I love it there, you should visit!)
  • A blog post for each of the first 6 days of the month…

I was wery good at writing blog post in the beginning of the month. The rest of the days….. so good! Frankly I haven’t written anything. So with this post I am planning to do something about that! Even thought I can’t document as much from my day as I wanted in this way (as I can when I blog from each day by it self). It is so much better than nothing. And I love any exuse to use lots of photos anyway. So here we go, the photos, the words, the thankfulness of the days 7 – 15 of November 2011:

November 7th
Thankful For Tech Luxory | Nov. 7-2011

I am thankful for the luxury of having a Macbook to capture and save the memories of our little family. I’m thankful for having the luxury of a fast internet connection and a international word wide scrapbook and memory keeping community to belong to as well.

November 8th
Thankful For His Heart | Nov. 8-2011

I am thankful for having this kid in my life. Often I think back to the day when we first met, he was 2,5 years old and I had traveled all the way down to Addis Abeba i Ethiopia. It was one of those days that I’ll never forget. It changed my life in a really good way!

Heart you right back my kid!

November 9th
Thankful For The Smiles | Nov. 9-2011

I am thankful for joy and happiness shared with family. I am especially thankful for the bond between my kid and my dad. I love when both of them smiles and they have time to indulge the photographer for a little second.

November 10th
Thankful For This Book | Nov. 10-2011

I am thankful for my love of reading. And even though I don’t read as many books each year as I did when I was younger I still read quite a few. This summer I read I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn’t): Telling the Truth About Perfectionism, Inadequacy, and Power by Brené  Brown – and it was amazing, and an eye opener as well. I’m so thankful for having this book on my shelf and for the things it taught me. Living with my whole heart that is what I want to do.

November 11th
Thankful For Time & Date | Nov. 11-2011

So happy to have had documented this special day of my life. I got lucky taking a photo with my iPhone right on the very minute too. 11.11.11. 11:11. So thankful for living this day mindful of it being a rare date that I want to remember, even though it also was a very regular Friday in our home. With work and school and the routine of our every day life. (I plan on doing more with the photos from this day, I even shot some video with my phone, I just need a little more time… or a lot!)

November 12th
Thankful For Food | Nov. 12-2011

Pasta with red sauce is our favorite comfort food. We often eat it on Fridays, but sometimes we eat it other times of the week as well. Ususally we eat it once a week. Not often more, but sometimes less. If you’ll ask MT what his favorite food is – he will answer this one and then he will add a few more, because he loves good food preferably with plenty of onion, chili and garlic in it. Yum.

November 13th
Thankful For Colors | Nov. 13-2011

I am thankful for the colors in my life. I love colors and I need to be surrounded by them to feel happy. For ages blue have been my favorite color, but for the last year orange have gotten dearer and nearer to my heart and is a color I am so happy to use as often as I can; to make something dull filled with life and fun.

November 14th
Thankful For Smiles | Nov. 14-2011

This little thing with color lights that he begged me for this summer was found in the frozen grass today. And it is still so much fun! Especially in the dark afternoon. I love the lines of the light here and can tolerate the blurriness of MT as he moves too fast for the shutter speed to grasp. Just imagine all the SMILES this brought today. I love when MT smiles. It’s the best thing there is!

November 15th
Thankful For Technology | Nov. 15-2011

I am thankful for the technology that enables us to document our life (blog, photos, scrapbooks and more!) and that it also is a way for MT to watch a movie or a TV program online. Here he is enjoying a science program for kids (he love the Newton show aired on Nrk i Norway).

Thank you for reading and looking!!
How are you doing? Do you have something to be grateful for today?
(I sure hope so, and would love to hear about it!)

Until next time; have a wonderful day!

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