White Frost

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It so white and beautiful outside right now. It’s not yet snow, but the cold weather we’re having the last few days have covered everything in ice crystals and rime. I love it and it makes our early dark afternoon so much lighter too.

Today I’ve been to our old house to get a few things. It is like walking down memory line to be there, I still love the house – but it feels like it belonged to so long ago…. and in a way that is what it does. I’m so glad for where we are right now, for the changes we had to make to live a happier life – but there is also something good that was left behind. Something I wish we still had.

Love this familiar view. Used to be my home.

Apparently I feel a little moody tonight. So glad I have a webinar with Katrina Kennedy to attend in the middle of the night (yep, I do that kind of crazy things every now and then) – listening to photo talk for an hour will make me so much more happier. And maybe I also can find some sollutions for the low light situation we have going here. I sure miss the sunlight during the winter (for four months the sun doesn’t shine on our house because of the low sun and a hill to the south of us. Not a fan of that!).

So how are your day going?

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One thought on “White Frost

  1. Aimee says:

    The shorter days and less light sometimes makes me moody too. My sibling uses a lightbox and they are supposed to help.I just try to get as much light in my house as possible..
    Hope you feel better soon—hugs to you:)
    Be blessed,
    PS: I LOVE photos of frost.

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